17 Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses in 2022

Recruiting the best employees with the right set of skills is a very essential factor in the growth of any small business. You know what you’re trying to build and what it takes to get there. However, if your workforce isn’t capable of bringing your vision to reality, then your chances of success are significantly slimmer.

Due to the technicality and difficulties of this process, the recruitment industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. Businesses all over the globe spent more than $11 billion outsourcing their recruitment activities in 2017, and this expenditure is projected to hit $25 billion by 2025.

Today, an average job posting gets more than 250 resume submissions. Going through all of these submissions manually can be a herculean task, especially for small businesses with no “huge” Human Resources departments. So, it makes sense to simplify the recruitment process and make it as seamless as possible.

One of the ways to get this done is by choosing the right recruitment software that fits your small business needs.

In this post, we will go through 13 of the best recruitment software for small businesses and which one is right for you.

  • Best Overall: Zoho Recruit
  • Best For A Growing Small Business: LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Best For High-Turnover Small Businesses: Betterteam
  • Best For Small Businesses With Low Recruiting Needs: Recruitee
  • Best For Small Businesses With Few Employees: Breezy HR

Table of Contents

Zoho Recruit: Best Hiring Software For Small Businesses

Zoho is one of the best and easy-to-use software on the market. This great software is packed with lots of amazing features that can be easily customized to suit your business needs. Zoho is designed with the Corporate Human resources departments, and staffing agencies in mind, but it is as well very suitable for small businesses who are looking to build their talent pools at all times.

Top Zoho Recruit Features

  • Job Board: Zoho advertises openings to more than 300 job portals.
  • Resume Management: This helps recruiters save time sorting resumes, sorting, and engaging with candidates and hire more efficiently.
  • Candidate Sourcing: Identify and build connections with potential candidates for your open positions.
  • Candidate Portal: This is a great feature that allows all candidates to see the application status of all the job openings they applied to and track their progress.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

  • Zoho has a free plan which is free forever. This is actually suitable for small businesses that do not need to hire frequently.
  • The standard plan comes at $30 per month which is ideal for small businesses.
  • The professional plan comes at $60 per month and gives access to a lot of cool Zoho Recruiter features.
  • Lastly, we have the enterprise plan which is meant for the big boys in the game. This plan is suitable for staffing agencies and firms, or companies with big HR departments

Pros of Zoho Recruit

  • Free plan forever
  • Large coverage for job board
  • Workflow automation
  • More user options

Cons of Zoho Recruit

  • Limited customer support
  • Some popular job boards might cost you extra bucks to access
  • Integration limitations
  • The user interface is not beginner-friendly and has a steep learning curve.

Freshteam: Functional, Cloud-Based Employee Management

Freshteam might not be a popular recruiting software option, but it is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. Here, you get a cloud-based recruitment software that allows you to manage all the steps in your recruitment process. Freshteam is highly result-oriented, focusing on streamlining the hiring process to deliver the best results for you.

Available on multiple platforms, Freshteam helps you to attract and hire new employees, offboard any existing workers, and manage all of your employee data. The software offers a customizable career site, multiple integrations, and functionalities that allow you to collaborate with multiple parties as you work out the recruitment steps.

Freshteam Top Features

  • Mobile App: Freshteam is available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: With Freshteam, you get a cloud-based product that has been fine-tuned to meet the demands of today’s hectic human relations needs.
  • Time-Off Module: Freshteam also offers a “Time-Off” module that allows you to keep track of employees who have taken paid time off.
  • Reporting Tools: Freshteam also offers an impressive suite of reporting tools that allow you to track trends across your workplace.

Freshteam Pricing

With four pricing tiers, Freshteam provides something for all types of businesses. You can choose any of the following:

  • Freshteam has a Free plan where you don’t pay anything. While it doesn’t have the feature sets of other plans, this tier is also quite ideal for micro-businesses.
  • The Growth plan on Freshteam is charged at $1.20 per employee per month when billed monthly, in addition to a $71 platform fee – also billed monthly. When billed annually, both fees are reduced to $1 per employee per month and $59 per month.
  • Freshteam’s Pro plan is its most popular. Here, you pay $2.40 per employee per month when billed monthly, as well as a $119 platform fee. When billed annually, you pay $2 per employee per month and a monthly platform fee of $99.
  • On the Enterprise plan, you get to pay $4.80 per employee per month – in addition to a $203 monthly platform fee. Billed annually, the fees are reduced to $4 per employee per month and a $169 platform monthly fee.

Pros Of Freshteam

  • There’s a toll-free number available for support
  • There’s a free plan tier
  • Users can also enjoy a free trial period

Cons Of Freshteam

  • The platform charges some additional fees
  • Mobile phone support isn’t 24/7

Recruitee: AI-Enabled Recruitment Software

Recruitee is a collaborative hiring behemoth that offers an all-encompassing solution for companies and their human resources departments to improve their hiring processes. Offering a sleek, easy-to-use interface and a powerful tracking system. Recruitee has so far helped thousands of small, scaling businesses to find, interview, and onboard the best talent.

With a focus on user-friendliness, Recruitee’s biggest pull is a strong and intuitive platform that allows companies to custom-build their hiring pipelines and source top talent. However, the tool doesn’t stop there- it helps you to evaluate potential candidates, sift through hires using your set parameters, and hire right.

Recruitee Top Features

  • Process-Based platform: The Recruitee platform is divided into different catalogs, all of which match a specific step of the hiring process.
  • AI-Based Job Promotion: With Recruitee, you get access to over 1,200 job boards to post your job ads – free and paid.
  • Workflow Customization: While creating your job listing, Recruitee allows you to build a custom workflow.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Recruitee also allows you to integrate your account with several external applications.
  • Hiring Team Functionalities: If you’ll be working with different people to complete the hiring process, Recruitee allows you to onboard them onto its software and grant them access to confidential documentation.

Recruitee Pricing

Recruitee comes with three pricing tiers, all of which help companies at different stages of their growth:

  • There’s the Launch plan, which costs $222 monthly. However, when you choose the annual payment option, the plan costs a much lower $185 monthly.
  • A notch above that is the Scale plan, which costs $399 on the monthly billing. When billed annually, the plan costs $333 monthly.
  • Then, there’s the Lead plan. Here, Recruitee has a custom pricing model. So, you will need to contact the platform for details on the plan’s pricing.

Pros Of Recruitee

  • The software is very easy to use, even for beginners
  • Great privacy settings, even for collaborations
  • Impressive customer service is always available
  • Great customization features for recruiters

Cons Of Recruitee

  • A lengthy process to cancel your subscription

iSmartRecruit: Easy Analytics On Reporting Software

Flexibility is one of the key things you look for when choosing recruitment software. And on that front, iSmartRecruit undoubtedly ranks among the best in the business.

Here, you have a hiring software that also runs on artificial intelligence. Using its AI-based system, iSmartRecruit ensures that you can find applicants whose profiles are a perfect match for your business. The product is also highly versatile, customizing its system based on your inputs to ensure that you get a much better feeling of it and how it works. At the end of the day, iSmartRecruit works to ensure that you have very little to do. For a growing business, this is highly invaluable.

iSmartRecruit Top Features

  • Visual Workflow: iSmartRecruit offers a simple and highly effective graphical dashboard that enables proper hiring management.
  • Analytics Tools: You also get access to strong reporting and analytics capabilities that track all activities and give you insights to enable proper decision-making.
  • Résumé Management: iSmartRecruit will reduce your workload by automatically looking through the multitude ofrésumés to only show you the most qualified candidates.
  • Effective Collaboration: You also get a common workspace for you and other members of your team to partake in the recruitment process.

iSmartRecruit Pricing

You get three pricing tiers with iSmartRecruit. These include:

  • The Startup plan, which costs $29 per month per user on the quarterly billing. When billed annually, the plan is reduced to $25 per month per user.
  • The Professional plan, which costs $59 per month per user on quarterly billing. The plan is reduced to $49 per month per user on annual billing.
  • The Enterprise plan is also available for larger teams. However, you will need to contact iSmartRecruit to get a personalized billing schedule.

Pros Of iSmartRecruit

  • You enjoy a 14-day free trial period on all plans
  • Impressive customization for companies
  • Great value for money on the plans

Cons Of iSmartRecruit

  • There’s no free plan for the app
  • The mobile app is a bit slow, but you can easily overcome that

ZipRecruiter: Flexible Recruiter Software

ZipRecruiter is the self-styled “smartest way for companies of any size to recruit for any position.” The platform allows you to publish your job openings to over 100 boards with the click of a button, then it applies its strong matching technology to help you find the right talent for your roles – based on experience, skills, and other metrics that you get to choose.

With its pre-built template, ZipRecruiter allows you to create a custom job post. At the same time, you could fill out a form and do it from the ground up. By providing assistance across all the steps in the recruitment process, this platform takes care of everything you need.

ZipRecruiter Top Features

  • Recruitment Customization: ZipRecruiter allows you to customize your job postings to accommodate your hiring process.
  • Foreign Support: You can also find talent in other countries as well with its multilingual support.
  • Dashboard: You also get access to a centralized dashboard where you and members of your team can work and collaborate to improve your hiring process.
  • Access Management: The platform allows you to control access to data, files, resources, and more based on users and their roles.
  • API Integration: ZipRecruiter’s Application Program Interface (API) can be integrated with several third parties.

ZipRecruiter Pricing

ZipRecruiter operates a pricing scheme that works based on the number of active job ads, views, and more that you need. The platform doesn’t publish its fees online, so you would have to contact the developers to discuss your needs and get a price quote.

On the platform’s website, however, you can find information about three usage plans – Standard, Premium, and Pro.

Pros Of ZipRecruiter

  • Very easy for anyone to use
  • Offers support for multiple languages
  • One-click posting to over 100 job boards
  • It offers a job posting widget for your company website

Cons Of ZipRecruiter

  • No information about pricing online
  • It doesn’t post to some of the largest job boards (Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc.)

Indeed: Boost Exposure For Your Job Posting

Over the past few years, Indeed has become more than just a platform for recruiting. It has become one of the premier sites for employment-related content, with companies and job seekers hopping on for one thing or the other. However, Indeed’s core remains simple – connecting companies with the right talent to help them grow and scale.

With that in mind, Indeed makes it easy for you to create job posts, send them out, and get proper visibility for your vacancies. And, the platform does so while keeping your budget in mind – as well as market conditions.

Indeed Top Features

  • Sponsored posting: Indeed offers the opportunity for you to reach an even broader audience with sponsored job postings.
  • Job alerts: Indeed also provides job alerts for job seekers to easily find your postings.
  • Ad boosting: Indeed offers an internal team that helps employers with polishing their job postings.
  • Indeed Resume: Sift through potential job seekers and their credentials. Invite qualified candidates for job roles, and move them down the pipeline.
  • Indeed Hiring Platform: With this feature, you get to easily screen candidates and schedule interviews with them.

Indeed Pricing

Indeed has a pretty clear pricing policy. The platform allows you to post jobs for free, although your free job posting will most likely get knocked down as more companies also post their listings.

On the flip side, you could make a sponsored job post. These posts retain their visibility for as long as they’re on the platform, and you only pay for quality applicants who click on your job posting.

When you make a sponsored post, Indeed recommends a price per application based on market conditions and historical hiring data for similar jobs. Indeed will show you the cost per application, and you can agree to it before the sponsored post goes up.

Pros Of Indeed

  • You can actually post jobs for free on Indeed
  • You get a large pool of resumes from hundreds of applicants
  • Indeed offers job alerts to job seekers, helping them to see your job posts more easily
  • Indeed’s pricing is also quite competitive

Cons Of Indeed

  • Indeed might not be so great for finding executive roles

BambooHR: Manage Hires And Existing Employees

While it seems to be a relatively new player on the scene, BambooHR is a human resources information system that offers several impressive features for companies looking to fill their vacancies. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, BambooHR provides a cloud-based system that allows companies to track and manage all critical employee information – while also expanding and hiring new employees when they need to.

With BambooHR, your human resources needs are pretty much met. The product is being used by several top companies across different industries – including Fab, Fitbit, Squarespace, and more.

BambooHR Top Features

  • Applicant Tracking: BambooHR offers an applicant tracking system that allows you to effectively create and manage job postings.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding: With BambooHR, you can also automate the onboarding and offboarding processes for your employees.
  • Time Tracking: If you have hourly workers, BambooHR allows you to keep track of their activities.
  • Benefit Tracking: You can also keep an eye on the work benefits your company offers to employees.
  • Analytics: BambooHR tracks your company’s progress in different ways, presenting them to you in insightful reports.

BambooHR Pricing

BambooHR maintains a pricing policy that is based on the number of features you’d like. This way, you can select what you want in the software and pay for that alone. There’s no wastage or redundancy with the software.

To get a rice quote, you will need to get in contact with BambooHR directly

Pros Of BambooHR

  • Extensive support and content library
  • A great user interface for anyone to use
  • Manage employee information from a central location
  • Streamlined onboarding process

Cons Of BambooHR

  • You can’t customize the applicant pipeline on BambooHR
  • No payroll features on the platform

Vultus: ATS & Workforce Management

Vultus is one of the most affordable applicant tracking systems out there. The platform allows you to do pretty much everything related to hiring, from posting job ads to scheduling interviews and much more. With the goal of improving the efficiency of your hiring process, Vultus ensures that your company has an all-inclusive product that can be used at all times.

While Vultus is an entire workplace suite, its Vultus Recruit tool is where hiring is done. Built with artificial intelligence integrations, Vultus Recruit ensures that you can effectively manage and optimize your hiring process. And, it’s quite affordable too!

Vultus Top Features

  • Mass Mailing: Vultus allows you to send job postings to contacts via a mailing list.
  • Resume Bot: Wth Vultus Recruit, you get a bot that searches through recruitment platforms and finds the right candidates based on your resume requirements.
  • Analytics: The product offers important insights that will help you through the job search and let you know what you’re doing right.
  • CRM Tool: Vultus makes it easy for you to strengthen and maintain relationships with vendors and other platforms that you might be working with.

Vultus Pricing

The pricing on Vultus is based on the number of people using an account.

  • If you’ll be having 3-5 users on an account, you pay $15 per user per month on the yearly billing. When billed monthly, the fee is reduced to $18.99 per user.
  • If you’d like between 6 and 30 users, you pay $11 per user per month on the yearly billing. The fee becomes $14.99 per user when billed yearly.
  • For over 30 users, you get $8 per user per month on the monthly billing. However, the fee becomes $9.99 per user when billed annually.

Pros Of Vultus

  • Very affordable service
  • Simple, intuitive dashboard
  • Impressive customer support
  • Quick turnaround with the resume bot

Cons Of Vultus

  • The platform suffers regular glitches, but you should be fine

LinkedIn Recruiter: Build On LinkedIn’s Professional Network

LinkedIn is already the most popular platform for professionals on the internet. The platform had 722 million users as of January 2022, and it was being used by about 25% of American youths. So, it makes sense that the service also provides a way for companies to recruit and get the best talent available. With LinkedIn Recruiter, you have a gateway into the platform’s network of professionals and can easily connect with them to fill vacancies in your workplace.

LinkedIn Recruiter Top Features

  • Access to LinkedIn’s Network: Perhaps the biggest draw for LinkedIn Recruiter is the fact that it allows you to reach the best of the best in terms of talent.
  • Candidate Filtering: You can sift through based on skills, expertise, experience, and much more to narrow the list down and find the right person for you
  • InMail Messaging: Found the right candidate you’d like to get? Linkedin Recruiter allows you to immediately contact them.
  • Task Assignments: LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to assign tasks to candidates to test their proficiency.

LinkedIn Recruiter Pricing

LinkedIn Recruiter has three primary pricing tiers. The first is Recruiter Lite, which is especially ideal for small businesses looking to hire and upscale. Recruiter Lite comes at a cost of $14 monthly or $140 annually.

There’s also Recruiter Professional Services and Recruiter Corporate. Both offer more features and support than Recruiter Lite, but you will need to get in touch with LinkedIn to get information about their pricing.

Pros Of LinkedIn Recruiter

  • A vast pool of talent to choose from and hire
  • Flexible plan options
  • Relatively affordable plans

Cons Of LinkedIn Recruiter

  • There’s no free trial
  • Frequent redesigns can affect your user experience

Built for Teams: Plan Your Succession With A Simple Tool

Built for Teams is an impressive cloud-based organization chart tool that offers seamless integration to boost your core human resources systems. The tool’s main focus is to ensure that your business runs optimally, and recruitment is just one of the ways it helps to achieve this. It optimizes several processes and provides a data-driven approach to company organization, and it offers an impressive set of features that help make your work much easier.

Built for Teams Top Features

  • Employee Onboarding: When you eventually get the right candidates, Built for Teams assists you with the right onboarding processes.
  • Org Charts & Planning: With org charts, you get to define a structure for your company and plan roles and assignments.
  • Succession Planning: With Built for Teams, you have an intuitive and organized solution for planning your company’s succession.
  • Time Off Tracking: Your employees can request leave, work remotely, and more – all through the same app.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting: Take charge of your finances and ensure that operations run smoothly.

Built for Teams Pricing

Instead of offering a flat subscription fee, Built for Teams prices based on several factors – including the modules you need, your organization’s size, and the contract length. As they explain, the objective is to provide the best solution at the lowest possible cost.

You should note that the tool also allows you to enjoy a 14-day free trial period when you choose a plan. Built for Teams also offers pricing discounts based on several factors – including copay size and contract length.

Pros Of Built for Teams

  • Offers a free trial
  • Useful for more than just recruitment
  • Automates the onboarding process
  • Discounts on prices available

Cons Of Built for Teams

  • Privacy features aren’t so great on Built for Teams
  • No calendar integrations

Lever: Hire More In Less Time

Lever is an awesome one-two punch. The product offers impressive customer relationship management (CRM) and an application tracking system (ATS) all in one tool, allowing you to get the best of both worlds at every point. With a focus on delivering data-driven solution and optimizing your hiring process, Lever ensures that you can easily upscale and improve your staff strength and quality. Regardless of the scale your business is in, rest assured that Lever has something for you.

Lever Top Features

  • Integrations: The product has integrations with some of the top productivity software, ranging from Slack and DocuSign to the Google Suite and Zoom.
  • Advanced Automation: The advanced automation feature on Lever allows you to easily set up workflows and let them run independently.
  • Advanced Nurture: With it, you can nurture relationships with your candidates – send them personalized messages, connect with them more personally, and grow your talent pool from there.
  • Advanced HR: Reduce repetitive tasks, so your employees can spend more time on the important stuff.
  • Advanced Analytics: The Advanced Analytics feature ensures that you can make the right decisions, with proper reports, visual dashboards, and a seamless API.

Lever Pricing

Like many other services in this field, Lever also doesn’t share information about pricing.

The Lever Talent Relationship Management (LeverTRM) suite offers all of the features you need to hire properly – and then some. Companies of all scales can use the tool easily and rest assured of proper results. However, you will need to contact Lever and request a quote to find out the pricing details

Pros Of Lever

  • A full suite of features to optimize hiring
  • Easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Automation helps you to save time
  • Better sales experience

Cons Of Lever

  • No pricing information available
  • No partnerships with free job boards

Vincere: Agency Software For Staffing Companies

Vincere touts itself as the “operating system for recruiting.” Providing an all-in-one solution, the product provides recruitment resources that you can trust and which will help get the job done at all times. When you do decide on someone to hire, Vicere also provides several tools for you to get them onboarded and begin working immediately. Essentially, this tool helps to take a great deal of stress off your HR department’s shoulders.

When your process is said and done, Vincere provides optimal reports to help you make better decisions on the next go around. What more could you want?

Vincere Top Features

  • Vincere Portals: You can publish jobs on your website with a single click, and you get to easily grab the attention of top talent in your industry.
  • Vincere Pay & Bill: Vincere’s full-stack contract management solution is pre-built and pre-integrated from the beginning.
  • Vincere Intelligence: For full-scale analytics, Vincere Intelligence is exactly what you need.
  • Vincere Comms Hub: If you have a recruitment team and would like to easily communicate with them, the Vincere Comms Hub has you covered.

Vincere Pricing

Vincere has also joined several of its counterparts in not publishing any pricing information on its website. If you would like to know more about the platform’s fees and pricing tiers, you would need to contact Vincere and request a demo.

Pros Of Vincere

  • Offers a full-stack solution
  • Easier, more accurate forecasting
  • Auto-matching for candidates
  • Customize searches and page views

Cons Of Vincere

  • No pricing information available
  • Some processes are a bit complex

Betterteam: Add Job Portals In A Single Click

With a focus on speed and efficiency, Betterteam claims to be the fastest way for companies to hire and upscale their staff. The cloud-based hiring tool works for companies of different scales, allowing you to effectively manage the recruitment process from top to bottom. Betterteam allows you to publish job ads, post on different job sites, and even add job portals to your company’s website.

You also get a centralized platform from which you can manage ads across different job boards. Manage applications as you see fit, and you can track everyone across the pipeline to see how they’re moving.

Betterteam Top Features

  • Job Portals: One of the most interesting things about Betterteam is that it allows you to easily add job portals to your website.
  • Job Alerts & Notifications: Betterteam also provides notifications as your job post reaches specific milestones.
  • Email Management: If you’re looking to build personal connections with your applicants, Betterteam allows you to reach them by Email and quickly move them down the pipeline.
  • Resource Library: Betterteam also provides an expansive set of resources – including HR guide, document templates, and more.

Betterteam Pricing

Currently, Betterteam offers four pricing tiers. These include:

  • The Solo plan, which costs $39 monthly and allows you to include 1 monthly job post
  • The Basic plan, which costs $99 monthly and lets you post 3 job openings monthly
  • The Unlimited plan, which costs $120 and lets you publish 10 posts monthly
  • The VIP plan, which costs $209 and lets you publish 20 job posts monthly

There’s also a free trial available if you’d like to test the platform, and Betterteam provides a 50% discount on yearly subscriptions.

Pros Of Betterteam

  • Discounts available on the pricing
  • There’s a free plan available too
  • Impressive customer support across platforms

Cons Of Betterteam

  • A limited number of job posts monthly

Breezy HR: Make Hiring A Breeze. Literally

It has a cool name and a very easy-to-use interface, but Breezy HR is much more than just a pretty face. This platform knows how to get you the best talents, and it provides a central tool that allows you to effectively organize your hiring needs.

Breezy HR focuses on streamlining your hiring process, allowing you to spend more time connecting with your candidates. It automates several of the tasks that you would have ideally had to do manually, and it offers the ability for you to connect via some of the biggest and most popular job boards. The goal is to help you make better hiring decisions in the least time.

Breezy HR Top Features

  • Job Advertising: Breezy HR allows you to gain access to over 50 free job sites.
  • Employee Referrals: With referrals, Breezy HR allows you to bring in the best hires and boost your worker retention levels.
  • Interview Tools: Breezy HR doesn’t just allow you to find the best talent. With the tool, you can schedule interviews and meet with them as well.
  • Automated Workflows: The automated workflows feature allows you to easily set certain tasks to work on their own.

Breezy HR Pricing

There are three available pricing tiers on Breezy HR. They are:

  • The Startup plan, which costs $171 per month on the monthly billing. When billed annually, the plan costs $143 monthly.
  • The Growth plan, which costs $299 per month on the monthly billing. The cost is reduced to $249 monthly on annual billing.
  • The Business plan, which will cost $479 per month on monthly billing. But the price reduces to $399 monthly when billed annually.

The platform also offers a free plan, which is more limited in functionality than the others – as expected.

Pros Of Breezy HR

  • Offers everything you need in one place
  • Innovative referral program
  • Free and premium job boards available
  • Expansive integrations available

Cons Of Breezy HR

  • Customer support isn’t so great

Workable: Regulatory-Compliant ATS Tool

Workable is a cloud-based ATS that makes it easy for hiring managers to find and track candidates, optimize recruitment, and even collaborate with each other. The product was designed to ensure proper ease of use, offering a host of features that make it very easy for candidates and companies to connect and grow. Whether you’re looking to hire the next rockstar on your company or want to upscale incredibly quickly, Workable is more than ideal for you.

Companies can use Workable to get from the requisition stage to the offer letter stage much quicker, with the tool offering an automated and AI-powered system that helps to streamline the entire hiring process.

Workable Top Features

  • Multilingual support: Workable provides the opportunity for you to hire the best talent in foreign lands if you’re looking to expand abroad.
  • Video interviews: Make things even more convenient for yourself and your candidates with Workable’s video interviews.
  • Compliance: Workable allows you to easily navigate international and local privacy and data regulations to stay on the right side of the law.
  • Customized Hiring Plan: Workable’s hiring plan allows you to easily move out of the boring, old spreadsheets and into something more interactive.
  • Referrals: Workable’s advanced referrals allow you to capitalize on your employees’ networks to grow your workforce the right way.

Workable Pricing

There are three pricing tiers available on Workable.

  • You have the Paygo plan, which costs $129 per month and allows you to pay per job posting
  • Then, there’s the Standard plan, which costs $335 per month on the monthly billing and $279 per month when billed annually.
  • Finally, you have the Premier plan. Here, you pay $670 per month on the monthly billing, but $559 monthly when billed annually.

Pros Of Workable

  • Impressive data privacy structure
  • Detailed hiring plan for teams
  • Easily scalable product
  • Access to free and premium job boards

Cons Of Workable

  • Relatively high prices
  • No free plan

Bullhorn: Custom-Built Solutions To Optimize Hiring

Bullhorn is another impressive tool that you’d undoubtedly like if you’re trying to staff up and build your workforce. Over 10,000 companies use the product to hire and fill vacancies, and many of them love it for its all-encompassing product suite.

We love Bullhorn because it allows you to sift through solutions based on what you want. There are solutions based on your company’s size, industry, and even the role you’re looking to fill.

Bullhorn Top Features

  • Bullhorn Canvas: Bullhorn Canvas is the platform’s ad hoc reporting tool. You can use the product to access different reporting templates, as well as build your template from the ground up and access different insights into your recruitment process.
  • Bullhorn One: Bullhorn One is an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to gain proper insights into the entirety of your recruitment process. It offers full automation, allowing you to enjoy access to reporting, visibility, rime, billing, and payment tools all in one place.
  • Invenias: With a focus on executive search, Invenias is built for any type of workflow. It’s integrated with Microsoft Office and available on your mobile device, so you can work from anywhere and at any time.
  • Data Monitor: Bullhorn’s Data Monitor allows you to easily replicate data outside of your applicant tracking system. It is reliable and scalable, allowing you to enjoy insights into pretty much every part of your business.

Bullhorn Pricing

With Bullhorn, we’re back to products that don’t specifically share their pricing information. Instead, Bullhorn allows you to choose between the different available features to know what you’d like in your package. From there, you can get in touch with the platform’s developers and they can build you a bespoke pricing plan.

Pros Of Bullhorn

  • Functionality beyond just recruiting
  • Available on mobile
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Effective task setting and prioritization

Cons Of Bullhorn

  • A bit complex to use
  • No pricing details available

Recruiterflow: Candidate Management From Start To Finish

And then, there was one! We’re rounding up this list with Recruiterflow – a complete recruitment suite and software for the 21st-century agency. Recruiterflow provides a simple and effective software for companies looking to improve their staff, with a simple-to-use interface and a set of automations that will make it incredibly easy for you to get work done. From the moment you decide to hire someone to the point when they join your company and even beyond, Recruiterflow has your back.

Recruiterflow Top Features

  • Sourcing Tool: Recruiterflow adds all of its sourcing tools into a single suite.
  • Pipeline Management: With Recruiterflow, you can easily track and manage the recruitment pipeline and streamline the entire operation – all from a single point.
  • Productivity Suite: Recruiterflow’s productivity tool allows you to structure the pipeline, with detailed instructions and even scorecards for proper candidate evaluation.
  • Recruiting CRM: With Recruiterflow, you get the opportunity to establish the right relationships with your clients and candidates.

Recruiterflow Pricing

Recruiterflow has a unique pricing structure. It groups tiers based on who is using its software – whether you’re a company or a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies have to choose between two plans:

  • The Growth plan, which costs $89 per user per month when billed monthly. On annual billing, this cost is dropped to $75 per user per month.
  • The Enterprise plan, which costs $129 per user per month on monthly billing. The annual billing figure stands at $99 per user per month.

As for companies looking to use the software, they can choose between the following:

  • The Growth plan, which costs $119 per month when billed monthly. On annual billing, the cost is $99 per month.
  • The Scale plan, which costs $179 per month on the monthly billing. The cost drops to $149 per month when billed annually.
  • The Enterprise plan, which costs $299 per month when billed monthly. On annual billing, you pay $249 per month.

Pros Of Recruiterflow

  • Extensive pricing plan
  • Comes with a free trial
  • Seamless campaign management
  • Responsive customer support team

Cons Of Recruiterflow

  • No free plan available
  • Clunky UX when you’re handling multiple candidates at once


General FAQ About Recruiting Software for Small Business

What is a recruiting software?

As the name probably gives away, a recruiting software is a program that helps companies to fill some of their impending vacancies. These programs help you to find the best candidates for a position at your company, and they help them move up the hiring pipeline as quickly as possible.

Which is the best recruiting software?

The best recruiting software will most likely depend on your requirements. There are several names out there, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses. We recommend doing your research before making a decision.

What is the most popular recruitment agency software?

There are several popular options if you’d like to get a recruitment agency software. LinkedIn Recruiter is quite popular, thanks in no small part to LinkedIn’s status in the market. You can also get a lot of people who use BambooHR, Recruitee, and Indeed.

What is the difference between CRM and ATS?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software that helps with finding applicants, automating the hiring workflow, and getting these applicants to move up the hiring pipeline. When you find the right talent, you will need a candidate relationship management (CRM0 software to nurture them and make the experience as engaging for them as possible.

What can a recruitment CRM do?

A recruitment CRM helps to find the best people for a position and helps you to contact them. You can customize a CRM as much as you can to deliver a bespoke and engaging experience for them, thus increasing your chances of landing them down the line.

What is applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system is a software that helps to spread the word about vacancies at your workplace. From there, the system helps you to find the right candidates, all while taking the bulk of the load off your shoulders.

What are the best hiring platforms for small businesses?

Small businesses have different options if they’d like to choose hiring platforms.Zoho Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter are especially popular among small businesses, thanks to their access to vast networks of talent.

How do recruiters use CRM?

Recruiters most use CRM software to contact some of their preferred candidates after they pass through several rounds of the recruitment process. The goal is to help you deliver an engaging and interactive experience with the candidate as they move further up the pipeline.

Does Google use ATS?

According to most platforms, Google uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) in its hiring process. Several large companies use these software, and Google appears to be no different

Are there free recruiting software for small businesses?

Yes, there are. However, we recommend choosing the paid options instead. They tend to come with more features and functionality, and many of them even offer free trial periods for you to access their capabilities.