21 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools of 2022: Reviews, Key features, Pros, and Cons

21 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important digital marketing skills needed for your online success. It is an indispensable skill to master if you are looking to grow a successful business in the long term.

No matter your niche, be it blogging, e-commerce, Saas, affiliate marketing, or any other internet marketing, your SEO success should be taken seriously and this cannot be achieved without the aid of some search engine optimization tools which are meant to guide your path and help you make more informed decisions.

This post will discuss a handful of tools that can put your pages on track to become optimized for search engines.

What are the best Search Engine Optimization Tools?


21 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools for 2022: Reviews, Key features, Pros, and Cons

One of the leading tools for getting top-performing pages, content, and keywords search is SEMrush. SEMrush is a top analysis tool for all kinds of website owners. The metrics provided by SEMrush are robust, with measurable results for propelling your online marketing.

Top Features

  • Traffic Analysis: SEMrush supplies accurate insights into the performance and traffic of a website. It also provides insights into the behavior and content that customers are likely to consume and interact with while using the website.
  • Organic Research: The organic research feature found on SEMrush allows users to get a hold of their competitors’ top keywords.
  • Advertising Research: SEMrush will help create and implement advertising campaigns and promotions through an in-depth analysis of the ad budgets of competitors. It also allows you to localize your ad campaigns.


SEMrush is priced at three different paid plans, which are:

  • The Pro Plan costs $99.95 per month.
  • The Guru Plan costs $199.95 per month and
  • The Business Plan is priced at $399.95 per month.

Pros of using SEMrush

  • It is used to perform technical SEO audits and determine user experience.
  • It is ideal for conducting robust keyword research to rank your content higher.
  • It provides you with an avenue to get good advertising opportunities for your CPC (Cost per click).
  • You will also be able to track your website’s current ranking and how your website fared with rankings in the past.

Cons of using SEMrush

  • There are a few instances of inaccuracies in backlinks and key advertising indicators.
  • The advanced features come at a relatively excessive cost, limiting the ability of users with stringent budgets to enjoy these advanced features.
  • This tool could seemingly be daunting for new users.


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Anyone who wishes to have a comprehensive all-in-one SEO tool at an affordable price will find maximal utility with Mangools. Mangools has an exquisite suite of five different SEO tools that can help you with keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, and link tracking. Mangools takes the ordeal of users and having value for their money by only supplying features that you often use. No extra features as a way of whipping the price.

Top features

  • LinkMiner: This feature on Mangools is used for dissecting competitor backlinks to discover more areas that can be explored for better optimization using backlinks.
  • SERPChecker: The SERPChecker allows you to learn about websites associated with specific keyword rankings from various places across the globe. This feature also allows you to check the mobile ranking of the keyword.
  • SERPWatcher: This feature helps users keep an accurate overview of changes in the ranking of keywords.
  • KWFinder: This is a keyword research tool for website managers to find the optimal keywords for the content contained on their websites.
  • SiteProfiler: It gives users an overview of their competitor’s website setup. It also gives them an avenue to analyze their competitors’ processes critically.


There are three pricing plans available to choose from when opting for Mangools. These plans are;

  • The Basic Plan is priced at $29.90 monthly.
  • The Premium Plan costs $39.90 per month; lastly,
  • The Agency Plan with a monthly cost of $79.90.

It should be noted that Mangools offers a 48-hour money-back guarantee and a 10-day free trial.

Pros of using Mangools

  • Keyword tracking and analysis of competitor processes.
  • Effective management of backlinks.
  • Rank tracking and monitoring that is based on relevant optimal keywords.
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • You would have a less complicated tool without extra bogus features that aren’t relevant or needed by your business/website.

Cons of using Mangools

  • The absence of a dashboard for clients to make the user experience immersive.
  • It has a limited database compared to other top SEO tools.


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Siteliner is an SEO tool that comes with subtle yet powerful functionalities. This tool is particularly useful for running checks to determine underlying issues that would relatively affect your website’s ranking on search engines. Common issues targeted by Siteliner include broken links, duplicate content, page power and many more. The quality of the website becomes enhanced once these issues are fixed and ultimately results in a boost for the website ranking.

Top Features

  • Page Reports: Siteliner provides users with a comprehensive, detailed report of each page using a standard XML sitemap.
  • Check for Duplicated Content: Siteliner is sufficiently enhanced to scan as many as 500 pages at once to check for duplicated content on the website instead of checking a single page during scanning.
  • Page-power analysis: It analyses the power of each page on the website by factoring in the number of backlinks.
  • Broken links: This feature diligently scans the website to ensure all links on the website are functional and working as intended.


There are two different pricing plans on Siteliner. These plans are;

  • The “Siteliner Free” is free, as the name implies and allows for analyzing up to 250 pages per month.
  • Siteliner Premium costs 1c per page and can scan up to 25,000 pages per month.

Pros of using Siteliner

  • It is effective for finding broken links on a website.
  • It is also effective for finding broken links on a website.
  • It offers a distinct solution at a flexible cost compared to other tools.
  • Siteliner boosts the power of webpages.

Cons of using Siteliner

  • Siteliner is limited to internal analysis only.


This tool provides valuable data and resources to boost your website traffic, leads, and sales. As an automatic website review tool and SEO strategy checker, it achieves this functionality with relative ease. WooRank is ideal and perfect for users.

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools

Top Features

  • Free WooRank extension: It comes with a free extension that allows you to run a detailed analysis of websites.
  • Real-time SEO monitoring: You will be able to monitor crucial aspects of your website like the landing pages traffic, precise results of keywords, your website’s uptime and your website general performance.
  • Fixing site: With WooRank, you will be able to fix errors on your website, check for duplicate content, identify errors and keep a close tab on security issues that are likely to affect your website.
  • Keyword Tool: This is used to ascertain the changes in your page ranking while providing an insight into your competitor’s keywords.
  • Sales tools: WooRank comes with a suite of tools geared towards improving sales. This allows you to create white-label reports, custom PDF report templates, sales pitches, etc.


Woorank offers a 14-day free trial and three different plans, which are

  • The Pro Plan at a monthly cost of $59.99
  • The Premium Plan at a monthly cost of $179.99
  • The Enterprise Plan at a monthly cost of $249.99

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools

Pros of using WooRank

  • Social media data.
  • Marketing checklist and site crawl analysis for errors and security checks.
  • Mobile rendering.
  • A detailed analysis of competitors’ websites.
  • It is useful for SERP rankings and backlinks.

Cons of using WooRank

  • It is pricey


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, moz seo tool

Moz is undoubtedly a big name in SEO tools without mincing words. It performs a range of functions like site auditing, rank tracking, backlinks analysis, keyword research, etc. The metrics available on Moz are standardized and come with the required recommendations for page optimization.

Top Features

  • Audit of sites: Moz crawls all over your website to check for errors and issues that limit your webpage’s visibility on search engines
  • Rank tracking: The performance of traffic generating keywords is tracked to determine how they affect organic ranking on search engines
  • Analysis of keywords: It helps you find new keywords with competitor research and SERP analysis.
  • Analysis of backlinks: Metrics like domain authority are made available to aid the building of additional backlinks


Moz has four plans which are listed below:

  • The Standard Plan is available for $99/month.
  • The Medium Plan at $179/month.
  • The Large Plan costs $249/month.
  • The premium plan costs $599/month.

Pros of using Moz

  • It comes with Keyword research and on-page optimization.
  • Boosting website traffic and ranking.
  • A 30-day free trial period.
  • Link Profile Analysis.

Cons of using Moz

  • Databases and metrics are only available in the US
  • It has limited scope for exploring keywords.


SERanking is among the widely used SEO tools available in marketing to achieve significant results with web pages. This tool provides an all-in-one platform for everything related to SEO. Keyword research, competitor analysis, site audits, and others can be performed using SERanking. It is also viable for rank tracking and backlink analysis.

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, SERanking SEO tool

Top features

  • Keyword Research: This feature allows you to find the right keywords for your SEO campaigns.
  • API: It has an API that gives you personalized configurable access to SERanking data and features.
  • Site Audit: It allows you to perform an in-depth website audit to put your website steps ahead of your competitors and detect errors that adversely affect your page ranking.
  • Backlink Analysis: This feature allows you to perform monitoring checks for links that might have been lost or damaged while keeping a close tab on new backlinks gained by your websites.
  • White Labelling: You could brand SERanking reports with your brands’ logo and name with the white labeling function.



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There are three available pricing plans on SERanking, which are:

  • Essential Plan at $31.20/month
  • Pro Plan at $71.20
  • Business Plan at $151.20

Pros of using SERanking

  • Useful for business owners aiming to improve their website ranking
  • It is valuable for keyword researching, competitor analysis and website audit
  • SERanking can render SEO services by digital brands and entities, accompanied by detailed reports.
  • It has an on-page checker that analyzes your website’s code and structure to guarantee they are in good condition for SEO.

Cons of using SERanking

  • Tips on how to use the available quota would be a big plus.
  • Using this tool can be frustrating when backlinks, keywords and traffic data for small websites aren’t returned.


When it comes to fast web crawling tools, Ahrefs only play second fiddle to Google. The little it lacks in being the fastest web crawler, it made up for with an impressive User Interface that cannot be matched by any other tool easily. This tool is primarily used for backlink audits, competitive analysis, URL rankings, keyword research, site audits, etc. Ahrefs is essential with its abilities for link building, keyword research, SEO strategies, rank tracking, and content marketing, which are all possible using the data it provides.

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, Ahrefs SEO tool

Top features

  • Ranking History: You would be able to see the history of all keywords used on your website.
  • Impressive Keyword Tools: Ahrefs generates millions of keywords for every search query fed into it.
  • Content Explorer: This feature allows you to conduct a content search within the Ahrefs database. It is noteworthy that this database contains over a billion web pages.
  • Outbound Links Monitoring: Ahrefs shows outgoing links reports as a means of monitoring where your guest posts are linking.


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There is a 7-day trial period for Ahrefs that costs $7 for you to decide to get any of their available four monthly plans. These monthly plans are shown below;

  • Lite at $99/ month.
  • Standard at $199/month.
  • Advanced at $399/month.
  • Agency at $999/month.

Pros of using Ahrefs

  • For getting a clearer backlink analysis report.
  • It has an amazingly easy-to-use interface for users.
  • Helps website owners to know their URL rating.
  • It is also ideal for those who emphasize historical backlink data and their analysis.
  • For building a content strategy for your SEO campaigns
  • And lastly, it helps make your webpages more visible and ranked higher on search engines

Cons of using Ahrefs

  • This tool lacks automated reporting features for agencies to provide reports to their clients.


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, SERPstat SEO tool

If you are looking to optimize your SEO or run various ads for content marketing campaigns, SERPstat is your one-stop tool. It performs all functions performed by other SEO tools but with a smooth and user-friendly interface devoid of complicated features.

Top features

The top key features of SERPstat are like those found in other SEO tools, which include,

  • Site Audit: This feature frees your website from junk and cleans your HTML page speed so that you won’t miss any error that could be catastrophic for your website.
  • Backlink Analysis: With SERPstat, detailed backlink data from as far back as the last two years is provided while keeping a close tab on your competitors’ backlink strategies.
  • Website analysis: In-depth SEO and PPC (Pay per click) research are conducted by this tool.
  • Keyword research: You would be able to run cluster research, search suggestions, search volume, content marketing and SERP analysis using the keywords research feature available on SERPstat.


There is also a 30-day free trial available when using this tool. Isn’t that cool? There are four different plans on this tool which are listed below.

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  • The Lite Plan is priced at $55/month.
  • The Standard Plan is priced at $119/month.
  • The Advanced Plan is priced at $239/month.
  • The Enterprise Plan is priced at $399/month.

Pros of using SERPstat

  • For tracking universal search results
  • For checking variations in Keyword searches
  • To collect a handful of international data
  • This tool is also valuable for checking the relevance of different web pages.
  • It is also useful for gaining insight into your competitors’ ad campaigns’ strategy and budget.

Cons of using SERPstat

  • There have been a few instances of inaccurate keywords
  • When handling heavy websites, it can sometimes be slow.

Google Analytics

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools. google analytics SEO tool

This tool helps users to gather complete web stats and search insights. Google Analytics is your best bet for optimal SEO. It is arguably the most powerful free analytical tool available.

Top features

  • No usage limitations: It can be used as much as you like.
  • Impressive User Interface: It comes with a user interface that is very friendly and easily understood by users.


This is a free tool.

Pros of using Google Analytics

  • It seamlessly tracks every bit of traffic on your website ranging from the page they come from to the page receiving them.
  • It is a free and powerful tool.
  • It is particularly useful for tracking the traffic you are getting from organic searches.

Cons of using Google Analytics

  • It doesn’t show you the keywords that are sending you the traffic you get
  • You might need to pair it with other tools to unlock its full potential

Google Search Console

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools. google search console

This tool provides you with a clue about what the major search engine thinks about your website. This is the best tool for promoting your website if Google is the targeted search engine.

Top features

  • Data Source

It allows users to get data export data into Google Analytics and other analytical tools

  • Control Center

It allows users to monitor the XML sitemaps that can help them reassess and fix their errors


It is a free tool

Pros of using Google Search Console

  • It can check and fix technical issues on your website.
  • You could see important data like clicks, impressions, average ranking position, submitted sitemaps, etc.
  • It can be easily installed.

Cons of using Google Search Console

  • It only shows a portion of technical SEO issues, the top 1000 backlinks and the top 1000 organic keywords.
  • As other search engines have their search console, it’s only useful for Google.
  • It doesn’t provide information that relates to competitors.


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, SERPsim SEO tool

This tool allows you to preview how your page would appear on Google search results after a search is started.

Top features

  • Your snippets can be saved, copied, and shared easily.
  • An immensely helpful simulator and practical tool for testing SERPs.


  • This is also a free tool.

Pros of using SERPsim

  • For higher click-through rates, it optimizes your SERP snippets.
  • It allows you to strategically construct page titles and meta description tags in search engine result pages to be more enticing.
  • You can increase organic search engine traffic.
  • It makes your site listing stand out from the rest.
  • It saves time on the last check for all titles and meta descriptions before releasing your publication.

Cons of using SERPsim

  • No known cons

Yoast SEO

It’s easy to see why Yoast has placed itself among the free top-ranking SEO tools. Users can use Yoast to improve their posts for search engines. Users only have to enter the main keyword, and Yoast SEO will suggest how to tweak the blog post to be optimized and more visible for search engines.

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, yoast SEO tool

Top features

Yoast SEO has features that distinguish it from other available tools. These features include:

  • Helps in avoiding dead links on your sites.
  • Give suggestions for quality content and links as you create content on your website.
  • It allows you to set up a solid internal linking structure that visitors can easily understand and Google.


Even though Yoast SEO is available for free for everyone, there is a premium plan to enjoy the full features of Yoast SEO. This Premium Plan costs $99/year.

Pros of using Yoast SEO

  • The reviews and testimonies about Yoast SEO are great.
  • It automatically takes care of all your site’s technical SEO.
  • It has been around for quite a while and has the needed experience to get you that top ranking on search engines you covet.
  • You would be able to save time and spot opportunities with Yoast SEO workouts.
  • You won’t be bogged down with distracting features since it is SEO-oriented.

Cons of using Yoast SEO

  • Users only enjoy some key data features if they subscribe to a premium account.
  • Yoast can be problematic with understanding the intent of your content at times.
  • More automated features would enhance it a great deal.


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, site checker SEO tool

This is another wonderful SEO tool that is immensely impressive when it comes to conducting a website check for deep SEO analysis that can inform improvements towards a better SEO. SiteChecker scans your website, providing you with data that covers traffic, backlinks, ranking and many more other functions expected from an SEO tool

Top features

  • Check for Rankings: This feature allows you to view your keywords rankings, including local and mobile rankings.
  • Daily Backlink Tracking: You will be notified anytime there is a new link coming in the direction of your website for you to act on accordingly.
  • On-page SEO Audits: It checks and scans your web pages and provides you with data and how to fix any issue.
  • Monitoring changes on your website: You will be able to get information on changes made on your website and how these changes impact your SEO scores.
  • Website Traffic Check: You will be able to view competitors’ site traffic without any limits using SiteChecker.


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SiteChecker has four main pricing plans that are as follows

  • The Basic Plan that costs $23 per month
  • Startup Plan that costs $39 per month
  • The Growing Plan costs $79 per month
  • The Enterprise Plan costs $499 per month

Pros of using SiteChecker

  • Extremely useful for competitor tracking.
  • A key tool for those who need a website checker for site audits.
  • It is also essential for tracking the position of keywords and monitoring them accordingly.
  • It is useful for getting real-time notifications, new and disappeared backlinks that are pointed in the direction of your website.

Cons of using SiteChecker

  • The free is essentially limited in terms of the features it offers
  • Some of the error evaluations are meaningless.


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, SEObility SEO tool

This is another all-in-one SEO tool that is powerful and can efficiently crawl all the linked pages on your website. It can detect issues like duplicate content and broken links that are hampering your website’s ranking.

Top features

This SEO tool has a range of features that resonate with other top SEO tools.

  • PDF Export and Email Reporting: Users can generate regular reports to show a change in the rankings of websites.
  • Rank Tracking: This tool helps users track the daily keyword rankings based on different demographics and search engines.
  • Keyword monitoring and on-page analysis: Another top feature of this tool is its ability to conduct on-page crawling and keyword monitoring, providing proper improvement suggestions to the users.
  • Local search results: Users can also evaluate and monitor the local search results that will help them rank higher for a specified targeted group.
  • Competitors Comparison: This feature allows SEObility to quickly compare competitors’ websites’ content to optimize your processes.


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There are three available plans for SEObility. These plans are

  • The Basic Plan, which is free and designed for beginners
  • The Premier Plan designed for professional websites is available for $50/month after a 30-day free trial.
  • And lastly, the Agency Plan suitable for larger websites and agencies at a monthly cost of $200.

Pros of using SEObility

  • Great fit for website crawling and site auditing.
  • It has a dedicated plan for beginners free of charge.
  • It runs metadata and an on-page check.
  • It also allows you to monitor page response time.
  • You can export in-depth reports generated by this tool in PDF format.

Cons of using SEObility

  • Despite the free beginner’s plan, using the tool by beginners can still be challenging overall.
  • SEObility advanced functions can be challenging, even for experienced users.


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, Similarweb SEO tool

This top tool allows you to view site stats for any domain. It is relied on by many people to gain a better insight into the real data behind a site’s traffic. It allows you to see your competitors’ top traffic sources across six major categories, including referring sites, social traffic and top search keywords.

Top features

  • Digital research: It has a functional feature that allows you to make benchmarks, website and app analysis, industry research and audience research.
  • Analyzing online behavior and growing your audience.
  • A master conversion analysis to drive more sales.
  • Sales: It can help you with sales-oriented functions like lead generation, least enrichment, sales engagement, fraud detection and many more.
  • Traffic overview
  • Total Visits
  • Engagement metrics


It has three plans listed below, with the cost of each of the plans;

  • The Free Plan offers a basic traffic overview and is ideal for individual marketers.
  • The Professional Plan with added features has flexible pricing, with the closing price subject to negotiations.
  • And lastly, there is an Enterprise Plan that can also be custom-built and with added features.

Pros of using SimilarWeb

  • Its free account can easily get you an overview of your competitors’ activity.
  • It is useful to estimate the amount of traffic your website gets.
  • SimilarWeb offers you a fast way to see who the biggest players are in your space.
  • With SimilarWeb, you would be able to see more granular details like where they get their referral sources

Cons of using SimilarWeb

  • You will need a paid account to see every data point
  • There are instances where data returned have been deemed inaccurate


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, copyscape, copysentry

This tool is available to ensure the contents found on your website work just as you intend them to be. Copyscape is a plagiarism checker tool that allows users to engage with it in multiple ways. This tool is flexible and detects issues in real-time. It also allows users to check entire contents for duplicates.

Top features

  • Ease of use
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Proofreading


This tool offers two pricing plans;

  • The Copyscape Premium Plan comes with users paying three cents(3c) for searching two hundred words and additionally allows 1c for extra 100 words.
  • There is also the Copysentry plan that encompasses two plans;
  • The Standard Copysentry Plan costs $4.95/month to check all your pages every week and $0.25/ month for an extra page.
  • And there is the Professional Copysentry Plan that affords you to check your pages daily at $19.95/month for up to ten (10) pages and an additional$1/month for an extra page check.

Pros of using Copyscape

  • Checks for duplicate contents.
  • It is a viable tool for protecting your content from flaws.
  • It would protect users from others stealing their content.
  • Copyscape helps users figure out the content with copyright claims over them.

Cons of using Copyscape

  • Only 10 results are shown.

Screaming Frog

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, screaming frog SEO tool

Despite the availability of other tools that perform the same or a close function as Screaming Frog, it stands out. This tool is proudly among the pioneers of SEO tools.

Top features

  • Redirection Audit: This tool helps identify temporary and permanent redirection links found on your website.
  • Crawl path report: This feature allows it to identify and remove all broken links found on your website.
  • Insecure content report: Screaming Frog will flag issues related to differences in content formats available to your page visitors as an Insecure Content Report.
  • Meta Keyword Tab: This feature will show you the number of occurrences and contents of meta-Keywords tags on each page.
  • Canonical Errors Report: The report will show you canonicals discovered within pages but not linked to the website.
  • XML sitemaps: Users can quickly generate XML sitemaps through a thoroughly advanced configuration over the URLs.


Screaming Frog is available for free if you want to crawl under 500 URLs. Crawling over 500 URLs would only be achievable using the paid version that costs £149/ year.

Pros of using Screaming Frog

  • Extraction of data with Xpath.
  • It integrates easily with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • It is useful for finding duplicate content.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is also particularly useful for crawling JavaScript websites.

Cons of using Screaming Frog

  • This tool lacks an API.
  • There is a limit on the number of URLs that can be crawled while using the free version.
  • This tool doesn’t support cloud functionality yet.
  • The user interface can use some redesign.

Keyword Surfer

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, surfer SEO tool

Surfer is an affordable SEO tool filled with excellent features, as expected from an SEO tool. Surfer helps you focus on growing the amount of traffic to your website by focusing on SEO.

Top features

  • Multi-users: It can be used by an unlimited number of users.
  • Ease of Use: This is an extremely easy tool to use, and users can get familiar with it as soon as it launches.
  • Content Structure Assistance: This feature allows you to write and create content in a pre-defined structured way to ensure the content is more optimized.
  • Customized Content Audits: By simply using the Surfer SEO auditing function, you can still complete your page alongside competitors’.


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This tool comes with three pricing plans, namely

  • Basic Plan at the cost of $49/month
  • Pro Plan at $99/ month
  • A Business Plan at $199/month

With $1, you might be able to try out its 7-days free trial

Pros of using Keyword Surfer

  • It comes with a Google docs integration for you to manage content efficiently.
  • It helps users generate a whole content strategy with many relevant keywords in a few minutes.
  • Access to the account is unlimited, and multiple users are supported.
  • Surfer SEO provides you with the needed charts and graphs containing all data for easy comprehension.
  • This tool also comes with the SERP analyzer for details on competitor pages.

Cons of using Keyword Surfer

  • Suggestions, at times, don’t have the intended impact.
  • The intent behind the contents might be eroded and not fully understood by this tool.

Answer The Public

search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, answer the public

This SEO tool provides you with insight into what your potential visitors are likely to search for. This tool aims to provide you with instant, raw insights that come directly from the minds of your customers.

Top features

  • Unlimited Daily Searches: This key feature lets you explore your keywords from as many angles as possible.
  • Listening Alerts: You will be able to set up search listening alerts and automatically get weekly email digests showing new queries around any topic.
  • Data Comparison: You would be able to compare search behavior changes over time in your research easily.
  • Hide Unwanted branches and suggestions.
  • Export high-resolution images to present your insights.
  • Export your results to CSV.


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  • There is a Free Version with limited daily searches.
  • The Pro Version has unlimited Daily Searches and unlimited users, data comparison, CSV export, and priority customer support. The Pro Plan has three premium plans, namely;
  • Monthly with a cost of $99/month
  • The annual plan costs $79/months and is billed yearly
  • And an Expert Plan that costs $199/month

Pros of using Answer The Public

  • More SEO traffic since organic insights are easily derived from using specific keywords from many angles.
  • Finding long-tail keywords, which are one of the best ways to get a website highly ranked, is a great plus for Answer The Public.
  • Higher chance of getting featured on Google Snippets.
  • Audience intent synchrony.
  • You will be able to get language and location-based results.

Cons of using Answer The Public

  • It is not a standalone keyword research tool.
  • The functionalities found on the free version are limited in what they can perform.


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, ubersuggest, ubersuggest SEO tool

This is an extremely popular tool created by Neil Patel, a marketing guru. The reputation of this tool transcends the industry with its free keyword research SEO tool. This keyword research SEO tool helps you find numerous keywords for increased content visibility.

Top features

  • Content Optimization: Pages and blogs are optimized by providing specific keywords.
  • Keyword Analysis and Suggestion: This feature provides insight into the keywords your targeted audience is using.
  • Constructive Analysis of Competitors’ Processes: With this feature, you would be able to make sense of what your competitors are doing right and how to make your website better with this information.
  • Lifetime license: This is not a feature you would find on other SEO tools.


Free of charge for all.

Pros of using Ubersuggest

  • Pointing users in the direction of keywords that would make them rank higher.
  • It provides users with healthy analyses of their competitors’ processes.
  • It is free and easy to use.
  • The content idea feature found on it is particularly useful.

Cons of using Ubersuggest

  • It might be extremely limited when used for certain markets.
  • The keywords volume isn’t accurate at times.


search engine optimization tool, best SEO tools, SEO tools, Spyfu, Spyfu SEO tool

SpyFu is a tool that allows users to establish the best keywords in the arsenal of their competitors. This tool also shows all ad campaigns run by the competitors and how their searches emanated.

Top features

  • Keyword Spy Tool: This works like a spy tool as the feature implies as it is located keywords used by competitors and the number of clicks these keywords got.
  • AdWord Advisor: This feature enlightens users on competitors’ successful keywords.
  • PPC Ad Rank Tracking: It would help users keep a proper track of ads and provide suggestions on how to expand keywords.
  • Oversight surveillance of PPC competitors: This feature monitors new entrants and their PPC strategies.
  • Keyword Segmentation: This feature displays keywords in groups of competitors AdWords for you to make your SEO strategies.


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The three pricing plans and their associated costs are listed below, with the monthly plan and annual plans stated together

  • The Basic Plan with an annual cost of $33/month or a Monthly plan of $39/month.
  • The Professional Plan has an annual price of $58/month and a monthly plan of $39 for the first month, followed by $78 each month.
  • The Team Plan costs $199/month for the annual plan and $299/month for the monthly plan.

There is a huge saving on price when the annual plans are chosen.

Pros of using SpyFu

  • Effectively spying on competitors to gain a better understanding of their processes.
  • It tracks the ranking of SEO keywords.
  • It is also extremely useful for keyword group analysis.

Cons of using SpyFu

  • Beginners could find the user interface very tasking.
  • Data always shown aren’t accurate.


After a detailed breakdown of a handful of Search Engine Optimization Tools, it is obvious that most of these tools perform similar tasks. They all come with functionalities that could be attributed to a handful of others.

When faced with the inevitable dilemma of choosing the right Search Engine Optimization tool, the budget should be a key determinant of the tool to be opted for. Another decider should be the needed features that users know they would be using on a steady basis. Avoiding unwanted features and functions would ensure that each tool’s right value is properly ascertained.

With proper usage and implementation of data provided by some of the SEO tools mentioned above, your organic search engine optimization success is a step closer.