8 Extraordinary Free WordPress Theme For Incredible Performance

As a content marketer or internet marketer, you would surely be giving great thought to making your website look more attractive and responsive with amazing design. Getting the right WordPress theme for your website might be daunting if you have little information on where to start your search or you are faced with a plethora of options to choose from as there are more than 11,000 themes on themeforest alone. Searching online for free WordPress themes would return thousands of themes for you, which might prove very strenuous when narrowing them down to the best ones.

This article will discuss and dissect some of the best WordPress themes out there and how they would further enhance your website’s outlook. It is noteworthy to mention that WordPress themes vary, each one providing a better design to certain types of WordPress website and their functions. Some themes suit WordPress websites mainly for Blogging purposes, while some are better suited to e-commerce, consulting, or digital marketing websites. You must ascertain what the WordPress website is poised to achieve, and then choose the right theme would be less arduous. 

This article would bring to your attention the best free WordPress themes for you to choose from to give your website the amazing feel it deserves. 

Best free WordPress themes

  • Astra

astra wordpress theme, free wordpress theme

Astra has become a very important theme WordPress blogs look up to for an ideal theme for creating an easy, simple blog or website that can be designed to match whatever you have in mind for your ideal website or blog. This WordPress theme is immensely created to suit blogs for Writers and E-commerce. The WordPress themes for e-commerce displays contents, write-ups, and products in very appealing formats. Depending on your customization taste, it has an extensive library of themes that you can choose from. Astra is also very mobile-friendly, which means visitors who access the blog from mobile devices would experience the full impressive display of the website. At this point, it is essential to say Astra has a premium version that costs within the range of $49-$219 annually, but the basic free version should get the job done.


  • Hemingway

For bloggers on a budget, Hemingway looks like just the right fit. Hemingway offers the best free WordPress themes without any need for a premium subscription. It is a theme built to support two-column designs, which makes an ideal choice for writers and other content creators. The layout is simple and clean. It focuses on your content and the features that can make your content more visible with high clarity to visitors. 

hemmingway wordpress theme, free wordpress theme

Standout features of Hemingway WordPress themes are

  1. A header image design that maintains a parallel effect as it is being scrolled.
  2. It also gives you room to unleash full customization that can be used to get an almost perfect design or layout for your WordPress blog.
  3. It is also perfect for a wide array of blogging sites, both the simple information and the complex ones.
  4. It puts more impression on your content over other things on your WordPress blog.


  • Writee

Writee as a theme for WordPress that offers something quite different from what other WordPress themes offer. Writee is dubbed the easiest when it comes to the ease of using a WordPress theme. It enables you to start your content creation within the fastest possible timeframe. Writee is also less selective regarding what WordPress blog it is used for. It supports virtually all forms of WordPress sites. With Writee, you would get a full-width slider to display your contents fully. 

writee wordpress theme, free wordpress theme

You would also be able to enhance your sidebar with a set of custom widgets that ensure you won’t be bothered by the screen size of your WordPress display. 


  • Hoffman

Among the WordPress themes out there, Hoffman has arguably fought for and clinched a top spot when it comes to offering free top-notch WordPress themes. This impressive WordPress theme is stylish and beautifully designed for bloggers. The further this theme is being explored, the better it becomes. It is such as amazing theme with more in store than is reasonably required to possess. The single-column design comes with a full width which looks very great. 

hoffman wordpress theme, free wordpress theme

Key features of Hoffman are

  1. It gives an ample option of showcasing Images that accompany your contents at the top of your content in a format that allows visitors to access them in a bigger slideshow format
  2. You would be able to optimize your homepage or content pages with excerpts that show images in shortened form with a READ MORE link below each content to allow full access to the whole contents on your WordPress blog. 
  3. With Hoffman’s carefully crafted interactive layout, your WordPress is accessible to all devices without diminishing its quality and attractiveness.
  4. It also ensures feedback and comments on your WordPress are clearly shown and highlighted with avatars for recent comments and thumbnails for recent posts

It offers e-commerce theme free with no premium or upgrade required to enjoy its full package to cap it off.


  • Good

Good is another amazing free WordPress theme that puts a huge emphasis on User experience. It is great for promoting your content with its vibrant, accurate styled theme. It ensures you have a solid platform to create your content. It is a valuable tool where uniqueness and style meet to form a great WordPress theme. 

Notable features of Good as a WordPress theme are 

  1. The Homepage features a different styled split design that has the search bar and navigation menu on the left side with the recent post fixed on the right side
  2. The featured posts are displayed with large icons that make them much more visible at the top of the Homepage
  3. You can choose the assortment and blend of colors with a WordPress Customizer
  4. Another perk of using Good is the SEO Optimization it offers to your WordPress


  • Neve

Neve is the perfect theme for your E-commerce WordPress. It is a perfect choice where fast loading and high customization are required. Neve stands out for WordPress themes for E-Commerce since website loading very fast plays a huge role in driving sales and revenue for E-Commerce websites. You would be able to display products based on categories and priority using Neve.

neve wordpress theme, free wordpress theme

With the integration of the Elementor, you will have full control over your pages layouts. Neve helps you speed up your design if you are building your website or WordPress blog. 

For anyone who wants to get an impressive conversion rate on their e-commerce WordPress blog, Neve would be more than a wise option for those ready to kick off their E-Commerce with a bang.


  • Leto

The Leto WordPress theme is another amazing theme for E-Commerce oriented WordPress. This is more so because of its beautiful shopping cart configuration that comes absolutely free of charge. It is also a modern WordPress theme that gives huge clarity to items and products you are promoting and other deals you would like to be seen by your visitors. Leto is very WooCommerce ready, which would allow your WordPress to be converted to a sales generating machine within a very short time frame. 

leto wordpress theme, free wordpress theme

Key features of using as a WordPress theme for E-Commerce are 

  1. Leto has customization tools that make it easy to create a perfect fit with impressive styles for your WordPress blog. 
  2. You can use the widget to share an accessible display for all your products. This allows your products to be easily identified by visitors to your website. 
  3. Despite the simple and easy interface of Leto, it is very capable of handling an E-Commerce WordPress of any size. It would make getting aboard and advancing in the E-Commerce sector very smooth and rewarding.


  • Botiga

If you need a theme with a minimalist design that brings your products to the fore, then Botiga is the best bet for your website. It is very versatile and ensures your brands get the attention and interaction required. Botiga comes with great product recommendations that ensure visitors don’t miss out on what they want and those they would likely need. It is also very flexible and sophisticated enough to handle the different forms of interactions your WordPress might be getting. 

botiga wordpress theme, free wordpress theme

With these mentioned WordPress themes, you would be sure to get a Theme that works best for your WordPress blog, be it Content Creation or Writing, and even for E-Commerce. You have to use the vast array of customization tools already embedded in these tools to arrive at the best design you have in mind for your WordPress website.