7 AI Marketing Tools to Help you Boost Your Business and Automate Boring Tasks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the rapidly growing data-driven tech industries which has impacted several markets, and businesses across the globe. Artificial intelligence has grown tremendously across several spheres such as governance, security, businesses, finance, and many more.

According to Statista, the global Artificial intelligence market is valued at well over $320 billion in 2021, and this is projected to grow by over half a trillion dollars by 2030.

A lot of industries and businesses are leveraging Artificial intelligence for better customer experience, decision making, and better-optimized marketing techniques.

Also according to research, 91.5% of global leading businesses invest in several artificial intelligence tools on an ongoing basis. This shows a huge adoption of AI in the business environment.

This would lead us to ask what are AI tools and which of the AI tools can help your businesses grow faster in various aspects.

What is AI Marketing Tools?

Artificial intelligence marketing tools are majorly marketing software that employs machine learning and uses advanced techniques to determine and predict the outcome of several events and automate the decision-making process.

Why Use AI Marketing Tools?

One of the major benefits of using AI marketing tools is that it can automate data-based decision-making process in a very short time and help you offer a better user experience to your customers.

We all know data is the oxygen businesses breathe, and analyzing large data can be a tedious and time-consuming task that is prone to error. Employing AI marketing tools will help you as a business learn more about your customers; what they want, how they use your product, and many others while also providing you with insights on how to make these metrics better and be a more successful business.

AI Marketing Tools for Businesses


Synthesia is an artificial intelligence software that helps individuals or businesses create videos using AI-generated avatars. These could be marketing videos, tutorial videos, tex-to-videos, how-tos, and many more. This software is essentially beneficial for small businesses that cannot afford to higher actors to create marketing videos or individuals who are camera shy.

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The software allows you to choose an avatar to use in your video, and you can as well use your own custom avatar using your face. With support for over 60 languages, and several natural-sounding AI voices, Synthesia can help you take your video marketing to the next level.

Chat Fuel

Chat Fuel is customer support and sales automation AI-driven tool that is used to improve marketing operations across meta platforms such as Facebook messenger and Instagram. Chat Fuel can be used for lead generation on these social platforms and also as customer support.

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With top-notch personalization features and marketing funnels, Chat Fuel is an essential tool for businesses that would like to slide into their customers’ DM for better marketing and customer success experience.

Brand Mark

The importance of branding in marketing can never be overemphasized. Be it a small business, large corporation, or personal brand. This makes branding services to be very expensive and out of budget for some small businesses and individual brands. Like the high price is not enough as a detriment, high delays with the fact that you have to wait several weeks, if not months to get your brand designed by agencies or freelancers.

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Here is where brandmark comes in. BrandMark gives you instant brand designs tailored to suite your business and personal preferences. Entering your niche, keyword, and color brandmark will immediately generate several logos and other branding elements that you can immediately gain access to and use immediately, just for a token amount of money.


Oribi is an all-in-one marketing analytics tool that offers more insight and trends into your marketing channel analysis, customer journey and reports, marketing attribution and so much more.

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Oribi is more like a more detailed google analytics tool that makes tracking much easier and provides better insights and trends into your website visitors’ data. Oribi allows you to track website visitors individually to study their behavior on your webpage and make better decisions for optimization and conversion.


Hiring a video editor for your small business can be pricey and learning to use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora Wondershare, or Apple Final Cut Pro can be time-consuming for a busy entrepreneur. Don’t fret, Kamau is here to help.

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Kamau is an AI video editor that makes it easier for businesses to edit videos to suit various social or video marketing channels. Several social media platforms have separate video dimensions that are optimized for, hence, your TikTok videos may not be suitable for youtube, while that of youtube may not be ideal for your Instagram reels.

Kauma helps you automate changing your video dimension for several needs and as well adds some Midas touch to your video without going through the boring interface of a video editor.


Content is king! Your brand or business needs an online presence, and this can’t be done without the use of quality content. Hiring or employing an in-house writer can be very costly, and time-consuming and some writers can be very difficult to manage when it comes to modifications and revisions.

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Here is where Copy Ai comes in. Copy Ai is an artificial intelligence tool that helps writers, marketers, freelancers, or business owners create quality content. Leveraging the power of AI that has been trained with a huge volume of data, COpy AI helps create various content such as blog posts, sales copy, web content as well as email marketing content.


Preparing for a business presentation can be a daunting task for most people. Beautiful AI helps you design awesome and attention-grabbing presentations that will make your audience glued to the screen from start to finish.

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With beautiful chart representations and animations, beautiful AI is your best buddy for those colorful and insightful presentations.