29 Best Jobs For Introverts

When searching for the right career path, one of the best ways to go is usually to start with something that fits your personality. As human beings, we are all fundamentally different from each other. By embracing this individuality and uniqueness, you can come to a much better understanding of yourself and know which job will be better suited to you.

Studies have shown that everyone’s personalities tend to play significant roles in determining the outcomes of their careers – especially early on. Thus, your success in your career will depend on your character traits a great deal.

One of the many popular character traits is being an introvert. These people don’t necessarily do so well when they interact with others or are in public places. They would much prefer to be alone or with a small group of people.

If you’re such a person, you should know that there are several career options for you. In this article, we’ll explain some of the best jobs for introverts and what makes them so perfect.

Introverts: Who Are They?

Before we look into the best jobs for introverts, it is important to understand who an introvert even is. You could have seen the term “introvert” in a personality test somewhere, but what does it really mean?

Primarily, introverts are people who tend to be more reserved. They prefer calming and relaxed environments, and they enjoy time alone – or with a very small group of people. The moment an introvert steps out or is in an unfamiliar environment, they tend to recede and avoid as much contact as possible. Instead, they become more reserved and choose to observe their surroundings to know where they can fit most comfortably.

While there’s no specific character template that you can use to describe introverts, here are some of their most dominant characteristics:

  • They’re very self-aware
  • They prefer to be alone
  • They’re quiet and reserved
  • They only have a small group of friends
  • They get tired of social, public gatherings easily and quickly
  • They have a heightened sense of and desire for independence
  • They tend to be very introspective – they talk to themselves a lot
  • They can be shy or socially anxious – especially when with strangers

The Best Jobs For Introverts

Now that we understand who an introvert is, let’s check out some of the best jobs these guys can do – especially in the 21st century.


best jobs for introverts,	jobs for introverts, best careers for introverts, jobs for anit-social people If you’re an introvert who loves to work with numbers, then you might want to consider being an accountant.

Accountants are great because they get to work in any industry – after all, everyone deals with and spends money. The field of accounting is stable, and it continues to grow. As an accountant, you get to prepare and examine the finances of where you work. You know risks, opportunities, and how to ensure that your company remains in the best financial position possible. And even better, you don’t necessarily need to work with so many people – most accountants work on their own, while some only have to handle one-on-one meetings.

Risk Actuary

Another awesome job for introverts who love to work with numbers is becoming an actuary. Basically, an actuary has a clear understanding of risk and is able to help companies understand the financial risks and opportunities of taking certain actions.

As an actuary, your job is to ensure that companies build policies that help them to reduce risk and maximize opportunities. Most actuaries tend to work on their own , and this is a great job for those who never like leaving their homes.

Software Developer

Among the highest-paying jobs for introverts is software development. Here, you will be in charge of designing and developing programs for devices.

Like accounting, software development is one of the best careers for introverts because you get to work in pretty much any industry. Every company needs to embrace technology, and as a software developer, you can be in charge of this wherever you work. Also, with tech skills being in high demand today, you can command a high salary as a software developer and even work remotely if you’d like.


The job of an architect isn’t a novelty. When you work as one, your job will be to plan and design houses and other building structures.

Architects are incredibly creative people. However, becoming an architect also requires a lot of technical skills and a desire to always improve. The job doesn’t require much in terms of social interactions – besides the occasional visit to a construction site and meetings with clients. So, it’s one of the best jobs for anti-social people.


Are you an introvert with a flair for history and data? Then you might want to consider becoming an archivist. These professionals work at schools, libraries, research foundations, and others, and their role is to oversee and maintain historical pieces. Whether it’s documents, artwork, or other pieces of significant artifacts that have stood the test of time, archivists ensure that these works are preserved for the next generation.


As expected, the job of an artist is also one of the best jobs for introverts. Here, you have a broad spectrum to choose from – you could be a sculptor, a digital artist, a painter, anything. As long as you have the skills and desire to grow, you could make it big here.

Plus, being an artist allows you to work on your own terms. You could decide to work on your own, work from home, be with a small team, or even manage a gallery. In terms of flexibility, this is one of the best careers for introverts.

Content Developer

With the entire world falling more in love with social media the job of a content developer is never finished. As a content developer, you can help companies and brands tell their stories and document them online. You’re free to use whatever medium you deem necessary, and you simply need to ensure that your work remains of the highest quality.

Whatever medium you choose, content development can easily be one of the best careers for introverts. It’s also an in-demand skill, so you have the opportunity to make a good living.

Content Strategist

While they’re related, the job of a content strategist differs slightly from that of a content developer. As a content strategist, your job is to help your company or brand to research new ways to reach out to their audience. You might not actually develop the content, but you’ll need to oversee how that content is being built.

Like the content developer role, content management is easy to learn and grow with. And, with the chance of working remotely, it’s one of the best jobs for anti-social people.

Data Analyst

Data analysts design and manage data systems while also looking for new ways that their companies can acquire and use data to their advantage. This is one of the best careers for introverts that have become more prominent thanks to everyone’s embrace of technology.

If you’re a fan of data and high performance, this could be a very rewarding career for you. Working from home is a breeze, and you don’t need to interact with so many people.

Digital Marketer

Telling stories and promoting brands is the forte of a good digital marketer. Your role here is to use the internet to help brands improve their awareness, build their customer base, and improve their sales.

Working as a digital marketer doesn’t necessarily require a university degree. However, with the digital landscape always changing, you have to be willing to try new things and hone your skills always. F you can do that, you’ll find a pretty rewarding career here as an introvert.

Content Editor

If you’re a fan of reading and have an awesome grasp of language, then you could work as an editor. While they primarily work with authors and publishers, editors are quite versatile. As long as there’s a piece of content that needs to be shared, your skills as an editor will come in handy.

Executive Chef

Introverts with a flair for food and fine dining could get a kick out of working as executive chefs. Unlike regular chefs who have to work at restaurants and other food establishments, executive chefs cater to a much smaller group of clients. So, this is another impressive option among the best jobs for introverts. Nothing beats getting paid to make people fall in love with your cooking.

Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer is another of the best jobs for introverts – although you will need to have some serious skills to succeed here. A graphic designer uses digital tools to create communicative and seamless visuals that can help brands connect with people.

Whether you’re creating a logo or helping to design an app, working as a graphic designer is great for introverts who are creative and love technology. It’s a gratifying career that can also be very comfortable for you as an introvert.

Information Technology Consultant

IT consultants are primarily responsible for ensuring that their company’s technology systems work as they should. They handle problems and perform routine maintenance to ensure that the systems remain online and efficient.

This is another fun job that doesn’t require much in terms of going out. As long as you love technology and solving problems, you should have no problem working as an IT consultant.


As we all know, most introverts love nothing more than to sit in a quiet place and enjoy solitude. So, perhaps a career as a librarian could be the best fit for you. If you’re a fan of books and a freak for organization, you could find that being a librarian could be pretty rewarding.


Car-loving introverts will get a pretty big kick out of being mechanics. These professionals work more with cars than they do with people, so it’s one of the best jobs for anti-social people.

Besides a few client meetings and consultations, working as a mechanic doesn’t require so much in terms of human interaction.


best jobs for introverts,	jobs for introverts, best careers for introverts, jobs for anit-social people Creative introverts who love to capture moments will love working as photographers.

As a photographer, your job is to document those moments that feel like they can last forever. And, one of the job’s many benefits is that you can choose to specialize in a form of photography that doesn’t need human interaction. From technology and wildlife photography to landscape and travel photography, the choice is yours.

Research Scientist

Got an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a fascination with the natural world as we know it? Then perhaps consider a career as a research scientist.

Research science is one of those jobs that can easily get you in any industry. As long as you’ve got the knowledge and academic qualifications, you have a great opportunity for career advancement.

Social Media Manager

Pretty much every brand and company has a social media presence right now, and they all need professionals who can help them manage their pages to ensure proper viewership. This is where the social media manager comes in.

If you love creating content and have creative ways to improve the reach of brands on social media, here’s a great career for you as an introvert.


Introverts who are fluent in more than one language will love working as translators. The career allows you to easily work from anywhere in the world, and you can also get started pretty easily from a freelance platform. What’s not to love?

Technical Writer

Another high-paying job that a lot of creative introverts will love is that of a technical writer.

Primarily, technical writers help to take highly technical documents and explain them better to the everyday user. You get to understand the mind of a software developer, then you explain what they can’t to everyday people who use their apps.


best jobs for introverts,	jobs for introverts, best careers for introverts, jobs for anit-social people Being a lawyer can be quite rewarding. However, some of the most famous lawyers and attorneys you know tend to have teams of paralegals who help them to stay organized.

As a paralegal, you help attorneys to file paperwork, conduct research, and handle other tasks that help to make your clients’ lives better. This is the more lowkey part of the law, making it ideal for any introvert.

Business Developer

As a business developer, your role is to find ways for your company to be better and more effective. You help to research better ways of carrying out tasks – whether small or large. Using data, you can help to solve complex issues and ensure the greater efficiency of your workplace.

These days, every company needs business developers. So, you shouldn’t have a problem finding work.


As an engineer, you’re more focused on using mathematical and scientific processes to find solutions to technical problems. Engineers can work in different fields and industries, and the best part is that there are opportunities available for people who prefer to work alone as well.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you have a specific client – or a group of clients – whose life you help make easier. And, considering that the job is virtual, you don’t actually have to meet with them while you work. Any wonder why this is one of the best careers for introverts?

Interior Decorator

Working as an interior decorator is a great way for you to put that creative mind to work. Here, you get to transform people’s homes, offices, and buildings and make them more comfortable.

Introverts can easily be interior decorators. Besides a few client meetings, you don’t actually have to do much in terms of interactions. Just work your magic, and you’re through!

Veterinary Scientist

Here’s another of the best jobs for introverts. Instead of talking endlessly with people, you get to work more with their pets. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll need to love animals to work well as a vet.


Just like the other writing-based jobs we’ve mentioned, journalism is another of the best jobs for anti-social people. Your job here is to tell stories without actually talking directly to people. So, feel free to be as creative as you’d like.

Of course, some aspects of journalism will be better suited to your talents than others. Simply find that and focus on it, and you’ll be fine.

Behavioral Therapist

Finally, we have the behavioral therapist. These professionals help people with personality disorders to better understand the issues they face and work around them.

As a behavioral therapist, you don’t need to peak at crowds or groups of people. Your one-on-one meetings with clients can be as calm and relaxing as you’d want them to be, so this is a great career path for you as an introvert.