55 of The Best Small Business Ideas to Start in 2022: No/Low Entry Barriers

Executing a small business idea can be one of the most overwhelming undertakings anyone may have to face, and you need to seek the right information at every step of this process. Launching your small business ideas has an unlimited upside, but a key question most people find themselves asking is: “What are the best small business ideas today?” In this article, we go through an exhaustive list of the best business to start in the current global socio-economic climate, and how you can get started with some of these rewarding entrepreneurship routes.

Before delving into any best small business ideas, however, it is of course critical to understand the barriers to entry for the business and how well you can compete against existing players in that space. Having exceptional technical skills can set you apart in certain roles, while being a fantastic people-person with otherworldly sales skills may be critical to helping you stand out in others.

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In all situations, be sure to have the right technical and business knowledge to start the venture you are considering. You must focus on figuring out the right business model to deploy the idea being considered, and you must also understand how to properly market this idea to the target audience that requires your products or services. Other key areas of concern to examine while making this decision include financing, obtaining necessary authorizations, and exploring upselling opportunities.

What are some of the best businesses to start in 2022? In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the best businesses to start in 2022 in simple detail.

Ticket Flipping

Buying tickets to resell at a profit is one of the evergreen best business ideas that has remained profitable over the years. This idea has become even easier to execute with the advent of the internet. Instead of having to stand in front of concert gates, you can simply market the tickets to potential customers online.


Targeting the local audience is usually critical in this case to reduce shipping costs, and chances are that since the event is held in your locality, you would want to sell to a local audience anyway. However, it is also possible to resell tickets for high-profile events held thousands of miles away. This may involve a more significant investment in advertising, but will also help you to earn a higher ROI. To effectively resell tickets, you must learn to pique your target audience’s interest in the event, and this can be effectively done using paid ads.

Sneaker Reselling

Reselling popular sneakers such as the Nike Air Jordan series or the classic Adidas Superstar shoes is another member of the old but gold small business ideas gang that has been revolutionized by the growth of the internet. There are multiple ways to resell sneakers, you just have to figure out the right route for you.

You can resell new or used sneakers using a drop shipping model, you can simply create a simple eCommerce store where you upload these sneakers, and then drive traffic to this website, or you could sell the sneakers through your social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter.

To effectively drum up demand for the sneakers, you can share pictures and brief descriptions of the sneakers in online sneaker communities on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. With the right marketing and high-quality products, you can build a reliable stream of repeat customers who come back to buy from you every time they need another affordable sneaker.

Kindle eBooks

Publishing eBooks for sale on Amazon Kindle is an innovation that has completely revolutionized the world of books and publishing. Newbie writers and household names alike can now write books on a plethora of topics, get the books edited, and simply publish them for sale on Amazon Kindle.

This business model is probably the best business to start for writers because it allows you to publish a book once and earn from every single purchase as long as the book remains available. Since you only need to write the book once, it is of paramount importance that you pay immense attention to content quality, consumer demand in that niche, and pricing trends before putting your book up for sale. Kindle eBooks can help you to build a fantastic passive income stream, and the more books you put up for sale, the better!

Software Programming

Writing code for computer software programs has become a mainstream occupation since the digital revolution, and demand for talented software developers only continues to skyrocket as thousands of digital products are launched every year.

As a professional software developer, you can harness an array of small business ideas to maximize your income. You can decide to launch your website, attach links to your past projects and promote the business. You can also offer your services on a freelancing platform such as Fiverr or Upwork, or you can simply work remotely as an external expert for an array of businesses while leveraging your existing professional network.

Software programming is highly lucrative and allows you to work on projects that appeal to you. The barrier to entry is slightly high, but with a few hours of daily practice and the zeal to learn, you can quickly build expertise in one programming language and then broaden your scope with time.

Retail Arbitrage

This business model is straightforward and was one of the best business ideas of the early digital age. You buy a few products from a region where such products are available cheaply and in bulk. You then transport those products to a region where the products are scarce and expensive, and you make a profit off your trade.

This business model has become challenged by instant delivery platforms such as Amazon Prime. However, with the right marketing, you can take advantage of a mass shortage in certain products to make a remarkable return on your investment through retail arbitrage.


This is one of the roads less traveled when it comes to starting small businesses. However, creating wooden household items can be quite rewarding. If you have prior experience in basic carpentry, you can put those skills to use by contacting a sawmill for excess wood and then converting those logs into bookshelves, coffee tables, and other common wooden household items. You can then sell your products through a website or at a local stall.

Selling handcrafted pieces

Handcrafted pieces can come in a variety of forms from knitted items to pottery, wirework, and homemade jewelry. Handcrafted pieces can easily be sold online on sites such as Etsy and eBay. You can also leverage the power of social media to attract potential customers.


While a majority of the populace simply just shops from stores, selling bespoke sewn pieces can be very profitable if you can access the right audience., You need to acquire the right skills for this, and you would also need to invest in a sewing machine. However, if you hone your skills well enough, you can grow your reputation and begin to cater to a relatively high-profile audience.

Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer is a brilliant and time-efficient avenue to make a great income on the side while helping people to live happier, healthier lives. Just by blocking off a few hours in the morning and evening multiple times a week, you can train a class of students, make great fees per attendee, and even keep fit in the process. You can also scale this business into a full-fledged gymnasium in the long term.

Graphic Design:

Visual content will always be critical for attracting people’s attention on the internet – a catchy headline can only go so far. Being able to design eye-catching flyers, posters, and animated visuals is an amazing way to make a side income online. Graphic design artists make great incomes for hours worked, and referrals can help you quickly scale your business in this niche. It is critical to note that the barrier to entry in this niche is also quite significant as you need to dedicate time and money to learn how to use key design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Adobe Illustrator for starters.

Resume writer

Thousands of students graduate from tertiary institutions each year, and even thousands more professionals are within the workforce, looking to change jobs. There is quite a huge total addressable market for professional resume writers. If you can properly summarize a person’s experiences and achievements while abiding by the extant rules of resume writing, then this might just be a goldmine waiting to be discovered for you.

Grant Writing

Where resume writing focuses on individuals looking to get hired, grant writing focuses on growing companies, researchers, and other entities seeking grants from established donors and institutions. Grant writing involves being able to succinctly describe a form or person’s experiences and achievements, and stating in clear, convincing terms, why the donor should award the grant to your client. Grant writing can be extremely lucrative if you can land the right clients, and it is a stable avenue to make a great side income.

Translation Services

Having a knowledge of a second language doesn’t come in handy only when recruiting for international positions, or when you go on that vacation to China. Being multilingual can open up an array of valuable business ideas if you can market your abilities properly. You may be employed to translate important documents, reports, or entire books.

With the rapid pace of globalization, polyglots are becoming more in demand for their language skills, and with the right attitude to work, you can quickly build a pipeline of well-paying clients. You must be careful to market yourself properly and take advantage of freelance platforms and relevant social media pages and groups to promote your translation business.

Voice-over Artistry

Creating voiceovers for brands and specific products and services can be an extremely lucrative skill to sell, especially if you have a memorable voice that works well for advertising. Voice-over services can be offered through freelance sites, personal websites, and of course, social media channels. Referrals can also be a great pipeline for getting new clients in this line of business.

Freelance Writing

Businesses require content to be created to attract their target audience. Certain authors require ghostwriters to transform their literary ideas into reality. Other companies require experienced technical writers to create reports and instructional materials for corporate use. Freelance writing is an extremely broad and profitable niche. With the right guidance and practice, this popular business idea can help you to earn income. Some popular websites for freelance writers to meet clients include Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

While freelance writing has low barriers to entry, it is not by any means a walk in the park. You need to work hard to perfect your service offering, and most clients usually prefer writers with extensive experience. Having a website to showcase your body of work, the services that you offer, and the testimonials of satisfied clients can help you to quickly distinguish yourself. Another way to stand out is to write about the art of content marketing, ghostwriting, or technical writing itself as a way to portray yourself as an expert.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves creating a website or a video channel (such as YouTube or Twitch) and then creating content that benefits your target audience on that website. As you build a remarkable following and a reputation as a niche expert, you can then begin to market products and services related to your niche to the audience that you have already built.

Amassing a large enough number of regular visitors to your website or vlog to earn the license to advertise products is no mean feat. New entrants into this business must, therefore, focus on creating valuable content, preferably about a niche that genuinely interests them, and which they are passionate about. This will give you the staying power to push through until you build a steady stream of visitors that you can effectively advertise to. Popular affiliate marketing service providers include Clickbank, JVZoo, and Amazon’s Associate’s Program.


Dropshipping appeals to many as the best business to start and has become wildly popular with the exponential growth of the internet. Dropshipping simply involves setting up a mini e-commerce store on a respected platform such as Shopify or Amazon, and then shipping required products to customers when they make orders on that store. With most drop shipping models; entrepreneurs do not have to invest in buying physical inventory.

All you have to do is identify a hot product that people truly need that is not readily available in your locality. Set up an online store, attract people to your website, and have their orders sent to them while you take your cut of the profit. One of the main challenges in drop shipping is attracting the right local audience to your website and ensuring that orders are delivered promptly and as specified. Therefore, dropshipping requires quite a significant time investment.

Cleaning Service

Busy professionals in today’s fast-paced world live stressfully, tasking lives, and a lot of people would gladly pay a handsome fee to have their homes and laundry cleaned over the weekend while they take time to rest or get additional work done. Starting a cleaning service requires a minimal capital investment, and most clients would allow you to use cleaning materials within their homes. Referrals can also help you to thrive within this business, and as demand surges, you may find yourself having to start a proper cleaning company!

Print on demand

Print on demand is an eCommerce means for artists, writers, designers, and entrepreneurs to use physical products as a canvas for monetizing their creativity. It involves using products like T-shirts, backpacks, books, and original everyday products as a canvas for displaying creative work and selling them online.

In print on demand, creative sellers work with suppliers of white-label products. They customize the products with their creativity and sell on a per-order basis. This model helps the creative seller to avoid the overhead cost of stocking and managing a product inventory. It also helps the creative seller to avoid the waiting time for customers to sell an item.

The creative seller only pays for the product after it has been sold, reducing the risk of buying in bulk and organizing an inventory. After-sale services like digital printing and shipping are handled by the supplier.

Listing a vacant room on Airbnb

If you have a spare room on your property, then simply putting up an Airbnb listing can help to open up a uniquely passive stream of income for you. All you have to do is keep the room neat and receive a variety of visitors multiple times a month. You can earn some decent income from this earning opportunity if you live in a busy district or a commercial center.


Tutoring can be done online or offline and it can be an extremely prolific avenue to learn more about your subject of expertise while helping other people pass school and professional examinations, or simply helping others learn a skill. If you believe strongly in holding physical classes, you can search for opportunities to teach extramural classes at a local high school or college and charge a fixed fee per head.

A more lucrative way to structure your tutoring service could be to register on an eLearning platform such as Udemy, Coursera, or Chegg. You can create a series of illustrated lectures on this platform and sell your course for a fee. You must however be ready to answer questions from participants in your course and to give further clarifications where necessary.

Event Planning

Be it a wedding, graduation, or a funeral, special events can be quite difficult to plan for people without prior experience or event management skills. If you have experience in this field then you could leverage your skills to build a part-time business. As an event manager, you would oversee the overall planning of the event, from the provision of food and drinks to decorating the event center and organizing the agenda for the event.

This business can easily be marketed through a website or a social media channel, and referrals can be a great opportunity for you to maintain a steady pipeline of clients. If you manage to break into the upper echelon of this profession, you could easily rake in six figures in net earnings annually.

Amazon Influencer

Amazon is one of the world’s fastest-growing companies for one key reason: in a rapidly-changing market, the eCommerce behemoth continues to find new ways to expand its reach by leveraging partnerships with people and businesses. From retailers to delivery agents, streamers, and of course, dedicated influencers, Amazon is capitalizing on the power of its people and the millions of daily internet users connected to them to boost sales.

The idea behind the Amazon Influencer program is simple: create addictive content that drives people to buy from Amazon and earn a commission on every purchase that directly originates from you. So, if you love creating video content across platforms, writing engaging social media posts, and posting stunning pictures, then the Amazon influencer program may be a great way to partner with a truly revolutionary company to accelerate your journey to financial freedom.

Lawn Care

Everyone wants a well-trimmed and perfectly maintained lawn, however, not everyone has the time and the skills to make a lawn look jaw-droppingly smooth. If you have experience in this area, maintaining a few lawns in your neighborhood during the weekends can help you to make a steady stream of side income. You may be able to use the client’s mowers, and you can offer related services such as planting attractive flowers and eradicating weeds. Lawn care is a fantastic avenue to connect with people, build a steady customer base, and transition into owning your own full-time landscaping business.

Tour Guide

If you live in a busy city that has a reputation for being a tourist attraction, then becoming a tour guide is an exciting way to make extra money over the weekends or when you are less busy. You can simply show your clients around the city’s key historical sites. Reading up on the history of these sites and telling their stories to your clients can help you to add a fun twist to your services. It is important to market yourself properly through social media and travel guide websites as this is a business with a low barrier to entry.

Bicycle repairs

In busy cities, bicycles remain a staple mode of transportation – they are a good exercise tool, they don’t pollute the environment, and they help people get to places faster. However, bicycle repairers keep getting scarcer, and this service can be a fantastic money-spinner. Most bicycle riders know someone else from work or from their neighborhood who owns a bicycle, so you can quickly build a regular customer base in a short while. You may offer routine maintenance services for cyclers as well. The internet and social media as well as word-of-mouth advertising are key marketing tools in this arena.

Dog Walking

This is a fun hobby with a low barrier to entry that can help you generate a steady daily stream of income if you love dogs. If you have a few hours free every evening, you can simply speak to your busy neighbors about helping to walk their dogs. From your first dog, you can quickly scale up to walking a bunch of dogs every evening. This can be a great avenue for you to exercise, spend time with man’s best friends, and earn some great bucks for your time. You must be careful with certain dog breeds, however, as they may be dangerous if not properly handled.

Notary Public

A notary public is an individual or entity who is authorized to notarize documents for public record purposes. The notarization provides legal authorization for the document. You may apply to become a notary public, undergo the necessary training, and then begin offering this service in your free time. A lot of law firms and banks offer notarization services, however, in cases where customers cannot easily access these services, you can come in handy as a viable alternative. The barrier to entry is low, the work itself is straightforward, and you can easily make a few extra bucks every month while providing an essential service. I call that a win-win.

Application Testing

Mobile applications have become an iconic feature of our generation, with millions of applications available for download across different stores, and thousands more being developed each year. New startups, small businesses, and large companies are constantly developing new applications or revamping old ones. Customer feedback is critical to the application development process, and this is where an opportunity comes up for you to make a great side income.

Application testing affords you the opportunity to try out fresh new applications or new iterations of existing ones. Companies realize the importance of user’s opinions, so before even rolling out the product at all, they allow a select group of users to test the software product and give reviews and recommendations. These recommendations are then integrated into the final application before its release. App testing can be a great way to make a great income while learning about cool new features being developed within an industry.


Furniture is a critical component of virtually all households and offices. With time, the upholstery on furniture gets worn to use. Instead of discarding this old furniture, people can simply have them re-upholstered, and this is where you come in. You help people to restore old furniture while reducing discarded junk. Upholstering can help you to generate a great income if you have the right skills, and with the right client base and skills, you may even transition into offering furniture for sale through an online shop.

Used Books Store

We all know that Amazon came into the picture and changed the face of the bookstore business forever. However, used booksellers can still make a killing with the right positioning and advertising. You can start a used books store in your garage in the evening and have neighbors spread the word on your behalf. You can start by stocking popular classics and books about personal development and managing money, and then you can expand outwards. Used books can be purchased in bulk from larger used bookstores and then resold for a tidy profit.

Appliance repair

Small electric appliances in the home get damaged due to a lot of reasons from breakage to blown fuses. A lot of people simply discard these perfectly fixable appliances for new ones, creating a lot of unneeded junk. You can help to solve this problem by promoting your appliance repair service. You can fix broken electric irons, blenders, coffee makers, and other staple household appliances. If you have the required expertise, you can also fix televisions or even mobile phones. This is guaranteed to generate a stable side income every month, and you can easily grow your business through referrals.

Moving Service

People are always moving between properties, and finding a reliable moving service in their localities may be a tad difficult. If you have access to a truck, you can help to make moving a more comfortable experience for your prospective clients. As a professional in this space, you can assemble a team to help you assemble items in boxes, seal them, and then load the items into a truck to transport them to the new location. Moving services are highly in demand, and you can easily build this business through online marketing, social media, and referrals.

Virtual Assistant

Busy entrepreneurs and top-level professionals are usually on the lookout for reliable virtual assistants who can help with mundane tasks such as typing up written documents or transcribing conversations. As a virtual assistant, in your spare time, you can help to carry out these tasks from the comfort of your home, freeing up time for your clients to deal with more critical work, while you make a steady hourly income for your efforts.

Social Media Management

This is a fast-growing digital business niche that’s unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Brands and individuals are constantly looking for expert social media managers to help them build awareness on social media while driving sales. As a social media manager, you would be in charge of curating content to be posted on the social media accounts that you manage. You may also stage promotional campaigns and reward schemes to help increase your client’s audience. Social media managers can be very well-paid and may be integrated into a company’s broader digital marketing campaign.


With the rise in platforms paying bloggers such as Google AdSense, blogging has become more popular than ever. However, this also means that the blogosphere has become quite crowded, and you need to put in extra effort to stand out. Creating unique content in highly-followed niches can help you to drive the audience to your blog. The more value you can create, the better you can monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing and selling of information products are popular ways to make money from your blog.


Closely related to blogging is setting up a video blog. This can involve setting up a channel on YouTube or any other popular video-sharing platform. You can disseminate content in your areas of interest, build a steady pipeline of viewers, and then attract the attention of brands selling products related to the content that you create.

You can also sell your courses or merchandise through your vlog, driving in even more revenue. YouTube is one of the highest-paying video-sharing platforms for content creators today. However, you need to put a lot of effort into shooting high-quality videos and editing these videos properly to attract enough people regularly.


This is one of my personal favorites on this list as it helps to harness the depths of creativity within people. You can offer photography services as an event photographer, or you can simply take pictures of people for professional purposes. Being a great photographer requires having a great eye for detail. You must also be comfortable using sophisticated photo editing software to get the best results for your clients. You can easily share your works on social media with your clients’ consent and quickly build a steady stream of income. Photographers can also sell stock images of nature or picturesque sights to boost their income base.

Childcare Services

If you are great with kids and love spending time with them, then you may offer childcare services as a side business. You can help to babysit children when their parents are out, or you can set up an established daycare and take care of preschoolers while their parents are at work. This can be a very demanding business to delve into, however, it can also be quite rewarding. As you scale your business, you can hire employees to help while you focus on attracting more customers and managing the business affairs of the daycare.

House Painting

Painting homes can be a relaxing and extremely lucrative business venture. With the right skills, you can help to make business spaces come alive and give a touch of personality to an otherwise bland wall. You can also help college students paint their walls in fun styles while making a tidy income. You may need to invest in a bit of training to master how to paint, but you can quickly grow this business through referrals and networking within online groups.

Video shooting

Videography and video editing have quickly risen to become two of the most demanded skills in the digital sphere in the past decade. Companies need videographers to shoot commercials and promotional content for their social media channels. YouTube channel owners are also constantly on the lookout for videographers and expert editors to help them create crisp, professional-looking videos. Therefore, with the right investment in training and equipment, the sky is the limit in this business area.

You can begin by creating a portfolio of your shoots and uploading them to a website, and then reaching out to YouTube content creators. From there, you can explore working with more established companies and brands. The income potential is remarkably high, and the work can be quite fun as you get to explore new locations and work under different conditions.

Running an Antique Store

This may seem like an unusual idea, but a certain subset of the global population remains fascinated with antique objects. You can run your antique store online and offline, and you can ship these antiques to interested customers using a delivery service where necessary., Antique items help to add a touch of unique class and sophistication to regular settings, making their relevance evergreen.

Running a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops will always have a place in modern society as they provide avenues for people to unwind, meet friends and business partners, or even get some work done. A good location is central to success in this business, and you also need to pay attention to the quality of the coffee served. With the right promotion and competitive pricing, you can quickly generate a steady stream of loyal customers in this business. The best part is that they are likely to come in every day as people tend to need their daily fixes of coffee.

Organic Gardening

This is another unusual small business idea on this list, but it is one with great income potential. Restaurants and retailers are usually constantly looking for a reliable supply of vegetables, and with organic gardening, you can offer a steady stream of leafy greens to your customers. Therefore, if you are passionate about gardening and nature, organic gardening may be an exciting business opportunity to explore.

Running a Golf Course

Miniature golf courses are a brilliant, cost-efficient way to make money if you have access to the land. With the right landscaping, you can set up a golf course in your yard and invite golf enthusiasts to enjoy games of golf on your property. The costs of running the business are low, and the business can quickly grow with the right referrals. You can also promote your golf course online.

Home Remodeling

Living spaces tend to feel boring over time, and people are always looking for ways to spice up their immediate environment. As a remodeler, you can help to add a touch of excitement into a living space, from switching out wooden components to changing the patterns of partitions. You may also rehabilitate old buildings or offer interior design services to people just moving into a new apartment or office.

Website Flipping

This is a tried and tested business model with the potential to generate a remarkably high income. Companies value website names as they help their customers find them. However, in certain cases, a company’s desired website name is already pre-owned, and they then need to pay the current owner for the right to use that name for their business purposes.

The purchase and sale of these domain names is called website flipping. This business idea requires a bit of an upfront investment, however, with the right research, you can invest in easily sellable domain names, and then sell them off to eager entrepreneurs once the demand for your domain asset arises.


With the rise of eCommerce and online grocery shopping, errand running has become a popular side-income generator. The world today is extremely fast-paced, and people need as much help as they can get. You can help clients to drop clothes at the dry cleaner and collect those clothes, buy groceries from the local store, carry out a wide array of domestic activities, and then get paid for your services.

Hobby Store

If you are an ardent fan of common hobbies such as hockey, swimming, golf, or fishing, then you can start up a hybrid hobby store. This can be a place to sell important equipment for these hobbies and also a community for hobbyists to interact and even arrange joint events. Hockey enthusiasts will always need a new hockey stick and fishing pros will always need new hooks and lines. Therefore, the hobby store can help you to build a reputation as an expert while attracting life-long clients.

Catering Services

Food is usually a critical part of most events, whether corporate or casual. If you are great with cooking, you can take up additional courses to learn how to make some of the most demanded foods at events, and then assemble a team to offer indoor or outdoor catering services to your clients. You may choose to specialize in certain food types such as Barbecue, Mexican food, or finger food. Referrals are also a great promotion tool in this business, and you can quickly scale your business through online advertising.

Computer Training

Teaching coding on eLearning websites may be a trendy money-spinner, however, there are still aspects of the global population who can barely find their way around a computer. You can host physical computer training classes from your garage, set up online promotional material, and train people on how to use basic computer programs for a tidy sum. Referrals would also be critical to helping you grow your business through this model.

Digital Marketing

Social Media marketing is one of the most popular forms of online advertising, however, there is more to digital marketing than just creating social media posts. As a full-fledged digital marketer, you can work remotely with clients to structure their digital marketing campaigns, provide creative direction for graphic designers and videographers, and oversee the posting of paid ads across several social media platforms and related websites.

Digital marketing is slightly complex and requires adequate training. However, if you have a natural inclination for public relations, you can quickly build a reputation in this space and grow your business through online advertising and referrals.

Video Game Development

This is a path less traveled in the world of small businesses. Developing video games is frequently viewed as the forte of established game studios such as Ubisoft and Activision. However, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from throwing your hat in the ring. A lot of amazing mobile phone games today with millions of downloads on mobile stores are developed by independent developers.

If game design and development is an art that interests you, then you can invest time and equipment into learning the fundamentals of game development and then launch your mobile phone or computer game. In-app purchases can help you to make lifelong revenue from your games.

Beer Crafting

Beer crafting is another rather unusual small business idea with a remarkably high-income potential. All you need are the necessary raw materials, a beer production license, and a contract to supply bottles. You can start by marketing to friends and family and brewing your beer over the weekend. As you grow your revenue base, you can explore online advertising and hire people to assist with your new venture.


This is a fast-growing niche in the digital business sphere. Much like blogging, podcasting gives you the avenue to create regular, valuable audio content for an interested audience. The more value you create with your podcast sessions, the faster your audience grows. You can upload your podcasts on your website and social media accounts, and make them accessible on popular streaming websites such as Apple Podcasts, Amazon podcasts, and Spotify.

As your listeners grow, you can strike deals with popular brands and introduce them to your customers. The possibilities are truly endless with podcasting, and with such low barriers to entry, your only limiting factor in this field is the scope of your knowledge. To make things even more interesting, you can invite experts onto your podcasts to talk about topics relevant to your listeners.


The idea of starting up your small business idea can seem incredibly daunting when you first begin considering it. However, with so many high-potential options, the world is truly your oyster! Start by understanding the needs of your target market and the best possible ways to meet those needs, preferably by leveraging technology. You can then venture into acquiring the right skills to become a star player in that niche, and then source the necessary financing to get your small business off the ground. With determination, tenacity, and attention to customer feedback, you may just find yourself scaling a million-dollar business in no time!

Best Small Business Ideas General FAQ

What are the most successful small businesses?

The most successful small businesses are time and location variants. However, with dedication and smart planning, home improvement services, cleaning services, tutoring, personal training, and delivery services have shown high profitability.

Which business is best for beginners?

The ease of business bores down to how intricate the skill needed to start is and how much it costs to purchase the work equipment. Putting these into consideration, most beginners have found it easy to start in-home cleaning, blogging, and photography.

Best business to start with little money

Dropshipping is relatively cheap to start as it eliminates start-up costs with partnerships with suppliers. Others are print on demand, amazon or other marketplace sellers, vlogs, blogging, and podcast.

Can I start a business with no money?

Yes, and yes. Assess your skills and determine which of them is marketable, and requires basic equipment to start. All you need is to find the right platform to sell your skill based on the niche it belongs to.

What are the top 10 most successful businesses?

  1. Food truck business
  2. Auto repair
  3. Personal trainers
  4. Newborn and post-pregnancy services
  5. Home improvement services
  6. Cleaning services
  7. Tutoring
  8. Delivery services
  9. Vacation rentals
  10. Personal wellness

What services are high in demand?

The most high on-demand services are Transportation and travel, food delivery, grocery delivery, on-demand fuel delivery, on-demand cooking gas delivery, healthcare, salon, and laundry.

What are the best entrepreneur ideas?

  1. Handyman
  2. Woodwork
  3. Online dating consultant
  4. Sewing and Alteration
  5. Freelance Developer
  6. Personal Trainer
  7. Freelance Graphic Designer
  8. Life or Career coach
  9. Resume writer
  10. Freelance writer

What business can I start today?

Here is a list of businesses you can start today;

  1. Freelancing
  2. Blogging
  3. Online retailing
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Teaching or Tutoring
  6. Personal Training
  7. Errand running or Personal Assistant
  8. Babysitting
  9. Landscaping
  10. Catering/Baking