Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Review 2022

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You have probably just heard about the best WordPress hosting Convesio. But what is it all about? Convesio provides managed WordPress hosting services for agencies that offer next-gen WordPress hosting.

We’ll discuss what managed WordPress hosting convesio is soon. Convesio is a one-of-a-kind solution in the field of web hosting. Its outstanding features set it apart from its competitors. Such features include automatic updates, fast and reliable service, high performance, and free domain registration with every plan purchased.

Convesio mission is to change the way people think about managed WordPress hosts. Convesio appears to be the perfect cost-effective solution for developing and managing online sites, with its scalable infrastructures, high availability features, and unique management tools.



Convesio is a great choice for managed WordPress hosting with a high-end software stack for people who want full control at a reasonable price. Convesio is one of the top hosting services out there for best performance and high reliability managed WordPress service. Convesio is a container-based platform powered by Docker, giving it the ability of true elastic scaling for WordPress sites.


Price From $50/month
Free Trial Trial period of 30days
Customizable Interfaces Yes
Ease of Use 4/5  
Performance and Reliability 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
Support 5/5
Overall 4.75/5


Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio, What Does it Entails?

Managed WordPress hosting services handle the technical aspects of operating a WordPress website. Managed WordPress hosting services offer high security and speed to users while also availing them of WordPress updates, website uptime, flexibility, and daily backups. Managed WordPress hosting is time friendly as they help save time and ensure the smooth running of their users’ WordPress websites.

Convesio, as a managed WordPress hosting company, stands out among its peers with excellent hosting plans that come at low affordable prices. The managed WordPress hosting Convesio service has auto-scaling and self-healing features not found on other well-known hosting sites.

Convesio’s high-end technology also guarantees fast, secure, and scalable hosting. Quick deployment and the availability of database clusters, load balancers, and redundant file systems are other desirable qualities that COnvesio offers to users.

Convesio WordPress Hosting Service Pricing

Convesio pricing is in three (3) categories: the starter, business, and enterprise price plans. The prices are further broken down into levels with continuous hierarchy throughout the different plans. The price plans are as follows:


Starter 1 50
Business 2 150
3 300
4 600
Enterprise 5 1000
6 1600
7 2400


Expectedly, the value available to clients for each package differs, with the value increasing with price across levels. One thing is guaranteed though, clients purchasing the different packages will get value for their money.

Benefits of using Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio brands itself as a one-stop shop for everything WordPress. Its simple interface allows users to build large-scale sites with auto-scaling. The solution also has self-healing functionalities. When using Convesio, there are no requirements for any external load balancers, database clusters, or docker containers. Some desirable features of Convesio are:


  • Unbeatable uptime: Since Convesio uses load balancing containers to reduce traffic load, its servers never go down. Therefore, unlike other WordPress hosting companies that do not work for several minutes or even hours, yours remains active almost all the time.
  • Automated scaling: Automation or auto-scaling technique allows for dynamical adjustment of active servers (computing power) numbers on a server farm. During a sudden surge in traffic, Convesio uses auto-scaling to scale your website resources to handle the sudden change. With that, there is no need to hire a system administrator.
  • Database cluster: A database cluster is a database collection managed by a single continuously running database server. Convesio WordPress-powered websites are powered by powerful MySQL servers. MySQL is a relational database management system—open-sourced—that allows multiple users to manage and create databases, ensuring efficient handling of website requests.
  • Fast caching: Page caching is a technique to make dynamic content static. Page caching has the ability to speed up WordPress sites by 2-5 times the usual loading speed. This is because page content is generated each time a visitor submits a request. Convesio has a server-level caching layer that can be used in several ways. FOr this, Convesio has partnered with Redis to ensure you get the best caching services.
  • Application Monitoring: Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a collection of data logs that aids developers’ tracking of application bugs, availability, variations, and resource usage to avoid any negative impact on user experience. APM ensures applications are running smoothly. Convesio allows you to monitor your online sites at the WordPress application level. This means that any changes will be approved before they are implemented.
  • Security: Convesio uses up-to-date top-notch security measures to help you monitor and analyze potential security threats. In addition, the security features allow you to modify code, configurations, and environment variables ahead of time to ward off malware and other threats. To ensure topnotch security for clients’ WordPress websites, Convesio partnered with one of the best web security firms Patchman, so your website security is guaranteed
  • Self-recovery: One of the most dangerous and time-consuming tasks is restoring a web-hosted database. The best WordPress  hosting Convesio has got you covered on this through a data self-recovery feature that protects website owners from these dangers. The feature enables Convesio to keep backups of websites’ data and restore the data in case a website goes down.
  • Free migration: Moving your website to Convesio from another host is free. Convesio’s team of experts can help you, and the whole process takes almost 48 hours.
  • Automatic backups: Convesio allows users to easily backup, clone, and restore their sites. It automatically backs up the sites’ data. However, it is advisable to schedule the backup for every 3 hours and 15 days. The data is stored in a different location when backed up, adding to the website’s security.
  • Free Trial: Convesio is one of the most reliable and cost-effective web hosting companies available today. It offers a one-month free trial without the need for credit card information. Therefore, you can always feel secure in signing up, knowing that you don’t get to lose money for a trial.
  • Optimized Speed: Convesio managed sites have high optimization speed, made possible through features like clustered databases and page caching. Another Convesio feature, HTTP/2, helps to improve site speed while conserving data bandwidth.
  • Flexibility: Convesio’s flexibility makes it the best option for a seamless website hosting solution. It does not bind you to any contract. If a user decides to migrate to another hosting service provider, they only need a few clicks to get this done.
  • Round-the-clock Member Support: the Convesio team is available to help website owners with their websites anytime. The staff and experts are available 24/7, with great leadership and conflict resolution skills and adept technical skills.


Pros and Cons of Best WordPress Hosting Convesio 

All hosting companies have their advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s examine the pros and cons of this acclaimed Best WordPress hosting service.

Pros of Convesio Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Convesio’s 100% uptime ensures that the client’s website is always up and running, with no traffic loss.
  2. Convesio provides users with high-speed browsing and improves website performance on all devices because they have servers worldwide. 
  3. Convesio guarantees a better user experience.
  4. Docker Cloud is a cloud-based infrastructure that helps IT operations teams deploy containerized applications in production. Convesio runs your app in a container using Docker, which uses minimal resources and scales quickly.
  5. Convesio offers a 30-day free trial which is very rare in the web hosting industry.
  6. Convesio provides a one-month free trial that allows potential website owners or clients to host two (2) websites, although some features will be restricted.

Cons of Convesio Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Convesio is a bit more expensive when compared to its competitors that are offering similar specifications and features.
  2. Some Convesio hosting plans limit performance by only allowing a single WordPress website hosting.
  3. The Foundation plan can cause you serious performance issues. Increasing the number of containers doesn’t make a big difference.
  4. Convesio can sometimes change the file when converting document files if the website fonts are not fully loaded on Cloudconvert.


Verdicts on Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

Is Managed WordPress hosting Convesio actually the best hosting for WordPress in 2022?


This boils down to certain factors about your business needs, budget, traffic/growth potential.

If you run a WordPress website with very high traffic and its profitable, or you run a digital agency that manages WordPress websites for clients, then the best WordPress hosting Convesio is your best bet and will always worth every penny spent on it. You will never be bothered about your WordPress website or that of your clients having downtime and losing traffic or potential revenue again.

However, if you are a small business with a limited budget, managed WordPress hosting Convesio might be expensive for you, it’s best you consider cheaper alternatives.



General WordPress Hosting FAQ

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

The best hosting depends on your website needs and traffic. But if you run a big website with lots of traffic, managed WordPress hosting convesio is a sure bet for you.

Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

Bluehost is the best hosting for WordPress beginners. Bluehost hosting services are cheap, fast, have very good uptime, and have reliable customer support to assist you at all times.

Which is the fastest WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting convesio is the fastest and scalable WordPress hosting



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