Bluehost Pricing: Is it Worth it?

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Bluehost domain pricing is split into three major categories: the shared hosting Bluehost pricing, the VPS Bluehost pricing and the Dedicated Bluehost pricing. 

  1. The Shared Hosting: this is the best choice for people just starting their blog or website. Under this shared hosting, other Bluehost domain pricing sub-categories exist, including the Basic plan at $2.9/month, the Plus plan at $5.45 per month, the recommended Choice Plus at $5.45/month and the Pro plan at $13.95/month, all within a 12-months term. The Basic plan is good for users hosting a single site, while the Plus is for users with multiple websites. The Choice Plus, well recommended, offers additional privacy and security features to the package of Plus. The Pro Bluehost domain pricing has more power and optimized web resource availability.


  1. The VPS Plan: this is for users who want to grow their websites with more control and power. It has three Bluehost domain pricing sub-categories. The Standard Bluehost pricing affords users to own a virtual server for their website. The Enhanced VPS plan offers more storage for website owners to play with, and the Ultimate VPS plan combines power and resources for the user’s utility. These plans come at $18.99, $29.99. and $59.99 per month in a 36-months term.


  1. The Dedicated Plans: The Dedicated plans are the go-to choices for high-traffic websites that need ultimate performance and speed. The Standard Dedicated plans give users their own server and come at $79.99/month in a 36-months term. With the same term duration, the Enhanced Dedicated plans, at $99.99/months, offer more storage and power to the users in addition to a dedicated server. The Premium Dedicated plan is for the highest performing sites and comes at $119.99/month in a 36-months term. The dedicated servers are more developed in thread, CPU and RAM and allow for faster operations.

Benefits of Bluehost plans

This part of the article will talk about the benefits you stand to enjoy from using any of the Bluehost plans stated above. We will discuss these benefits on a plan-by-plan basis

  1. The shared hosting: the biggest obvious benefit of choosing this Bluehost plan is that you will be getting amazing services at a cheap price. All these plans have identical benefits. Only the basic plan differs on these benefits in most instances. Below are the key benefits of using shared hosting 
  • Server management: All four allow for server management via Bluehost.
  • Platform patches: Bluehost conducts the needed patches on the platform.
  • Unlimited websites: All plans provide access to unlimited website creation, with only the basic plan providing access to one website.
  • Unlimited SSD storage: All plans here also provide access to unlimited storage, with the only exception here being the basic plan where only 50 GB SSD storage space is available
  • Custom themes: All plans give you free custom themes
  • Customer Support: All plans give you access to 24/7 customer support
  • All four plans have WordPress integration, drag-and-drop functionality, AI-Driven templates, a free one-year domain, free CDN, and a free SSL certificate.
  • There is a free 30-days Office 365 on all three plans except the basic plan.
  • Only the Choice Plus plan and Pro Plan provides free domain privacy and a free automated backup. 
  • The pro plan is the only plan with a free dedicated IP and optimized CPU resources. 


  • The VPS plan: Just like the shared hosting plan on Bluehost, these VPS plans offer a lot in common. Below is how they compare against each other. 
  • Cores: All these plans operate on two cores.
  • Storage: The standard plan offers 30 GB SSD storage; the enhanced plan offers 60GB SSD storage, while the ultimate plan offers 120 GB SSD storage.
  • CPU ram: The standard plan comes with 2 GB RAM; the enhanced plan comes with 4 GB RAM; and the ultimate plan with 8 GB RAM. 
  • Bandwidth: The standard plan comes with a bandwidth of 1 TB; the enhanced plan has 2 TB of bandwidth, and the ultimate plan has 3 TB bandwidth. 
  • Dedicated IP: The enhanced and ultimate plan has two free dedicated IP addresses, while the standard plan has one free dedicated IP
  • Access control: All three plans have a cPanel/WHM for better platform administration. 
  • Root access: Creation of unlimited file transfer protocol accounts for uploading, downloading, and modifying files on the virtual server.
  • Domains: You will have access to unlimited domains to use your VPS to the best capacity.
  • Support: There is also access to support anytime you need one.

  • The dedicated plan: There is a free domain for the first year as we have it on other plans. With this Bluehost dedicated plan, you will enjoy the extreme speed with the custom-built server. You will be able to quickly increase your storage on the server without any help from server admins. The storage is high quality and uses a RAID1 configuration for improved security and protection. There is also a free SSL certificate to secure your connection to your website with enough personal information protection. Connecting to the network is fast and connects within 24 to 72 hours. Full root access for advanced users who crave unrestricted access. Bluehost also provides dedicated hosting issues support from highly trained agents. Below are some other key features 


  • CPU cores, speed, threads, RAM, and cache: The Bluehost standard dedicated plan boasts of a CPU speed of 2.3 GHz, 4 cores, 4 threads, 4 GB RAM, and a 3MB cache, while the enhanced and premium Bluehost dedicated plan has identical features of 4 cores, 8 threads and 8 MB of cache. The difference lies in the 2.5 GHz CPU and 8 GB RAM of the enhanced plan compared to the 3.3 GHz CPU speed and 16 GB RAM of the premium plan.
  • Bandwidth: The standard plan comes with a network bandwidth of 5 TB; the enhanced plan comes with 10 TB bandwidth, while the premium plan has 15 TB bandwidth. 
  • Dedicated IP: The standard plan has three dedicated IPs; the enhanced plan with four dedicated IPs; and the premium plan comes with five dedicated IPs.
  • cPanel: All Bluehost’s dedicated hosting plans come with a cPanel and WHM with root for effective website administration and unrestricted customization. 

Verdict: With an orientation on how the various Bluehost hosting plans work and what they offer. Getting a hosting plan within the price plans offered by Bluehost can be a real bargain. Bluehost offers a price plan that fits any budget. They are great at the prices they come with. The verdict here is that Bluehost has a plan that would work for you based on what you need for your website.