BLUEHOST REVIEW 2022: Find Out Why Webmasters Love it!


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As it is known in the hosting circle, Bluehost has become quite popular and would easily spring out of everyone’s mouth. The figures show that Bluehost is widely used, with over two million websites hosted on it. This article aims to bring together what new domain hosting seekers would get with Bluehost. We will follow through on dissecting what Bluehost offers in bits and how relevant their services can be for your domain. 

How well does Bluehost Performs?

When a review like this is done on Bluehost, it will do well to show how well Bluehost has performed in the past. It would not be an overstatement to say Bluehost has performed quite admirably when providing high-quality hosting services. A closer look at how its usage and acceptability have risen over the years provides an attestation to how well it has been performing in the past and currently.


Bluehost free domain

Every new user who opts in for the services of Bluehost gets a free domain for a year. This free domain reward can be in the form of new domain registration. If there is an existing domain, it can be transferred and hosted on Bluehost for free for one year.

Benefits of using Bluehost hosting services.

Forging ahead, we look at things that would seem to make Bluehost quite attractive and charming with respect to its downsides. A keen look at Bluehost has shown it has the following benefits listed below.

  • Affordable Pricing: For everything we know about Bluehost, it has solidly become synonymous with affordable cheap plans. This great affordability has made it a choice for a lot of people. Bluehost has shown it can return immense value and give you nothing but the best, even on its cheapest plan.


  • Ease of Use for Beginners: Some hosting services could be a hassle for anyone with little experience using a hosting service. Bluehost ensures everyone can use its services, regardless of their experience level. This ensures that the user’s portal is friendly and easy to interact with. The presence of cPanel makes it easy for beginners to install and use WordPress. Pointing and clicking is what it takes to set up a WordPress in most cases.
  • Impressive Refund Policy: It is quite common for us to feel let down by a service after committing or simply wanting more. It would be sad to know you are bound to use or abandon a service you have already procured due to inadequacy. To ensure you get nothing short of satisfactory, Bluehost gives you access to its services for 30 days with the opportunity to get your money back. Should you find Bluehost services lacking in any aspect, you are free to request a refund, but it must be noted here that Bluehost only covers refunds for fees related to hosting. So, it is advisable that you read about what is covered and those that are not.


  • Free WordPress Transfer: You will get a free WordPress transfer on all plans with Bluehost. The major factor in making this a reality is that the site must be a WordPress site, and the migration must be requested within the first 30 days of signing up on Bluehost.
  • Hugely Recommended by WordPress: Another huge and impressive thing about Bluehost is that it comes highly recommended by WordPress. Bringing WordPress reputation and adoption into their foray, it’s safe to assume their words are worth it. The fact that WordPress recognizes Bluehost goes a long way to show that it can be relied on to a great extent.


  • Satisfactory Security Capabilities: With the cheapest plan on Bluehost, you will get a free SSL certificate for your website, which will make it appear more secure to your visitors and customers. Bluehost ensures its customers enjoy critical security features across all its plans, with advanced security features available to those who have subscribed to higher plans.
  • Amazing Uptime: You can only be of service to your customers when your website is up and running. Bluehost has shown it can always keep your business online with an impressive uptime of over 99% on average over the last period of 12 months. No doubt there will be some tough times when downtime will be experienced, but Bluehost has always ensured they last for a couple of minutes during each scenario.


  • Speedy Page Loading: You might lose customers and prospects if accessing your website becomes difficult with slow and lengthy loading. Customers want a page that they can access within microseconds. Bluehost is a host that recognizes this by ensuring the average load speed you get is 324-380ms or microseconds. Bluehost ensures your site is optimized for all sorts of users.


  • Ever-present customer support services: Lastly, there are always going to be issues around using key services offered by Bluehost, especially for beginners. Bluehost has a resolute team of agents stationed to walk you through any obstacles you might have while using their services. Support is available at all hours of the day and all day of the week.


Cons of Using Bluehost

Nothing has it all, although some services are too good at what they offer, leaving little to no room for downsides. Bluehost has made significant efforts to ensure its services return nothing but the best for all money spent.

A few of the downsides you might have while using Bluehost are listed below

  • Restrictions on Cheap Plans: As good as the cheap plans on Bluehost are, with all the amazing features you would be getting at such prices. Obviously, you would need to get on higher plans to try out other features that would make your website better.
  • Higher renewal rates: Bluehost has a structure in place that favors users who make long-term commitments of over 12 months with them. Subscribing for less than 12 months would make the plan(s) quite expensive in the long run


Bluehost pricing review

bluehost pricing, bluehost review, is bluehost worth it

Bluehost offers great services at affordable prices, with a basic, choice plus and pro plan pricing of $2.9, $5, and $13.95 monthly for the shared hosting. The VPS plans cost $18.99, $29.99, and $59.99. The Dedicated plans cost $79.99, $99.99, and $119.99. It would be hard to find any other services that offer a comprehensive plan that these plans offer at such prices.



Is Bluehost worth it?

The verdict here is that Bluehost is an amazing service, and it offers you immense value for all the money spent on its services. Bluehost has shown that it is a worthy dependable domain host, and I can only see that getting better going forward.

What are you waiting for?

Why not try it out today for just $2.95 and experience the goodness that comes with this amazing deal.


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