55 Creative Business Ideas for Kids

The lemonade stand is a staple feature of modern popular culture because it’s one of the most brilliant business ideas for kids ever conceived. Regardless of whatever field your youngster delves into later in life, the sales, communication, and money management skills that would be imbibed through running a business for kids would remain forever invaluable.

According to a report on Gallup, 40% of 5th to 8th graders plan to start a business or invent something that will change the world. Kids’ business ideas are ways to get children to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship early in life.

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When it comes to kids’ business ideas and entrepreneurship, it is extremely advisable to catch them young. Aiding your kids in running a business helps them to put a lot of the knowledge gained from the classroom into use; from sharpening their math skills to improving their communication abilities. While the lemonade stand remains one of the most popular business ideas for kids, in this article we would be exploring up to fifty-five creative business ideas for kids to understand the delicate art of business.

As the business world becomes more technology-driven, more products and services are now being offered online. This makes it easier than ever for parents to assist their children with setting up their businesses and monitoring the progress of the ventures. Tech-driven business models also expose kids early to the modern components of running a business, like digital marketing, and responding to online inquiries. There has never been a more exciting time to encourage your kid to start up their own business, and here are fifty-five creative ideas for you to consider:


A school environment is a great place for your child to discover and hone their acting potential. Drama clubs and school plays give ample opportunities for children to develop their acting chops and get comfortable showcasing a plot to an audience. If your child has picked up interest and shown a marked talent for acting, then you can work on converting this talent into a part-time profession.

With the rise of online streaming channels looking for talented child actors, there are numerous opportunities for young actors to thrive. Before getting started in this niche, you might want to consult with your child’s school and teachers first. Acting classes can help your child polish their acting skills and introduce them to paid acting opportunities. From there, the sky is the limit. Your child may even become a Hollywood star someday!

Selling Soda

Selling soda is a simple and easy-to-scale business for kids that can help to teach resourcefulness, discipline, and accountability. The start-up costs are delightfully low too! To start, you can encourage your kid to save some of their allowances, and then drive them to pick up a few packs of soda from a retail store on a weekend. You can also get a cooler with wheels attached and some packs of ice to be stored in a freezer.

Once you have the prerequisites, all you have to do is help your child transfer the ice into the cooler in the mornings, and then put a few cans of soda in the ice. During break time or after school hours, he can sell his soda from a quiet corner of the playground for a tidy profit. Before delving into this business model, be sure to obtain the school’s permission first, and discuss the idea thoroughly with your youngster.

Selling Candy

The candy business is quite closely related to the soda business; both have a high-profit potential and kids love the products. Candy is much easier to transport, thankfully. You can help your child buy a few boxes of candy or chocolate bars. They can then sell these candy bars during the school’s break time or after the end of lessons. All they have to do is spread the word that they have affordable candy for sale and watch the magic happen.

Once the revenue starts pouring in, you can help your child understand how reinvesting earnings into a business works, and what percentage of their earnings can go into buying things they want, like that new tablet.

Online surveys

Online surveys constitute one of the best modern business ideas for kids. Surveys afford children a wonderful opportunity to learn about business ideas and how certain products work. The process of structuring a product review also aids a child’s assessment skills and encourages them to think about what’s most important to them in a product or service offering.

Survey Junkie is a great place to register your children and allow them to explore the variety of products available to be critiqued. It is important to note that most online survey websites have minimum age requirements.

Operating a Vending Machine

Vending machines are another popular hallmark of modern capitalist culture, and one of the most prolific kids’ business ideas. These machines are a fantastic way for children to understand the complexities of running a small business. Children who have started out selling candy, soda, chocolate, or cookies in the school yard can pool their profits and reinvest them into purchasing a vending machine.

A vending machine requires less daily time investment and allows even faster business growth. It also gives the children the opportunity to socialize more during break time and discuss their business with friends.

However, the vending machine also comes with more responsibilities like tracking inventory and reconciliation of daily revenues and stock sold. Therefore, you should take the time to properly educate your kids on these complexities before they make the switch.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing can be an enjoyable and profitable way to earn money for older children and teens. Most people are too busy with work and family responsibilities to consistently maintain their lawns, and this opens a terrific opportunity for entrepreneurial kids. Lawn mowing is a great way to exercise and build social skills with customers. Along the line, kids also learn how to manage revenue and resolve possible conflicts.

If your child is good at mowing lawns, he can quickly attract the attention of other equally busy neighbors who might also need their lawns mowed. This opens an opportunity to expand by recruiting other willing kids and paying them a pre-agreed hourly wage to mow a certain customer’s lawn. This helps to build people and time management skills and further deepens practical business knowledge.

Shoveling Snow

As a great potential business idea for children, snow shoveling is quite similar to mowing lawns. Most people are too busy to do it, and they are comfortable handing out a few bucks to get it done. Kids must be appropriately dressed to ward off the cold, and they might need to invest in a shovel and a large bucket or better still, a wheelbarrow to move the snow.

While snow shoveling is a seasonal business for kids, it can be a great means to exercise and spend some time outside in the winter. Kids who already offer lawn mowing services can easily convince their existing customers to pay them extra for shoveling the snow off the driveway. Like most business ideas, shoveling snow teaches practical endurance, discipline, and interpersonal skills.

Voice-over Artistry

Children-focused businesses are often on the lookout for kids to read certain marketing material during advertising campaigns. If your child has great diction, you can check online for some of these roles and get them to audition with these companies. Developing the right cadence, coordination, and skills to be a child voice-over artist may take some practice, but it can end up being wildly profitable. Children with these skills also tend to be more confident communicators.

However, like acting, working as a voice-over artist can quickly become quite tasking for kids. They may have to read the same marketing material several times before making satisfactory recordings. In other cases, managing multiple contracts can become very time-consuming and affect the child’s regular school schedule. You must, therefore, manage these conflicts carefully and make choices that are in your child’s long-term interests.

Packing and Bagging Leaves

Different seasons come with their unique business ideas for kids, albeit the savvy ones. In summer, kids can sell cold lemonade. In the winter, they can shovel snow, and in the spring, they can pick blooming flowers and stack them in makeshift vases. Autumn, however, is the season of falling leaves. Nobody wants a giant mess of leaves on their driveways, and kids can make a great side income packing the leaves into sacks for disposal.

Packing leaves is a great form of exercise and a profitable method to get kids to leave their mobile devices while bonding with friends. Leaves tend to be strewn all over the neighborhood, so kids can easily offer their services to multiple clients and quickly expand their revenue base. The start-up costs are also quite low; a rake, a trash bag, and a great attitude are usually all that is needed.

Trash Can Clean-up

Even if you regularly dispose of your trash in garbage bags before tossing them in the bin, the trash can is bound to get messy over time. Kids can take advantage of this opportunity to offer to clean up the trash cans of neighbors when they get dirty. Once the garbage truck empties the trash can, before any new trash is added, children can work together to wash the assigned trash cans, cleaning out all the grime and dirt that has accumulated over time.

Children can earn a great side-income cleaning outdoor trash bins, and in the process, they help to create a neater, healthier environment. The right equipment such as a nose mask and protective gloves would help to make this job a lot safer for the daring kids who take on this opportunity.

Pet Sitting

Children who are great with pets can easily spend their time doing what they love while earning great pay for it! Children can easily offer pet-sitting services to busy neighbors who need to be frequently absent from their homes. Pet sitters handle feeding, cleaning droppings, and helping the pet exercise if needed, and if your kid is feeling adventurous, they may even bathe the neighbor’s dog (with their consent of course).

Pet sitters can earn a great wage for their services, and it’s a great way to help your child develop empathy in the course of a job. Pet sitting is one of the easily scalable kids’ business ideas. Even younger kids can easily watch over a group of cats and feed them when necessary.

Selling Collectibles

Selling a wide variety of items from household appliances to books online is a wonderful way to develop commercial skills in children. You can start by discussing this idea with your child and taking stock of some of the stuff in the house that you and your child would be comfortable selling. Baseball cards, old movies, and sports jerseys are examples of niche products that would be appreciated by a certain group of interested buyers.

Once you have sorted out the things you have that can be sold, you can assist your child with getting these items ready to be photographed, picking the right background, and setting up an ad to sell the product on any eCommerce fora like eBay or Etsy. The item can then be shipped, and the process repeated, this time, with your child taking charge.


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Babysitting and nanny services are some of the most popular old-school business ideas for kids, especially for older children and teens. It may be inappropriate to have a child watch a very young baby; however, older children can watch slightly more mature kids (2 years and older).

Your little entrepreneur can babysit his clients’ children in their spare time, and even develop a routine for the babysitting sessions. The routine may include watching cartoons, lunchtime, and telling fun stories. Babysitting can be a great way to learn leadership skills, responsibility, and customer interaction.


Brilliant kids with a special interest in subjects like Mathematics, Elementary Science, or History can easily organize tutorials for their fellow students. For younger children, it would be convenient to hold the tutorials in the living room. You can invest in a small whiteboard and markers for your little teacher.

As they develop an even firmer understanding of their subject of interest, young tutors can take their skills to platforms such as YouTube, Udemy, or Coursera. To maximize earnings from this opportunity, your young tutor can even take both online and offline classes. This helps them to make passive income from pre-recorded videos listed for sale. A tablet for writing, a projector, and an internet connection can help to teach remote and physical students simultaneously.

Content Creation

In an era dominated by consumerist culture, it is crucial to teach our kids the value of being creators. Content creation may not immediately yield revenue. However, this helps to teach children the value of patience and fine-tuning their craft to earn future rewards. Content creation can include telling stories on social media, writing articles about their favorite topics, or sharing some of their drawings and art online.

The most important thing is for the child to tap into their natural abilities and share the results of their work with the world. As time goes on and your child gains a reputable online following for their content, they may be able to partner directly with brands or advertise products on their platforms through affiliate marketing channels like Clickbank or JVZoo.

Car Washing

Keeping cars clean is another herculean but necessary chore that most adults would rather have outsourced. Working with your child, you can help create a home car wash business. This business is more suitable for older children, and the start-up costs are quite low. Specified car washing liquids, brushes, washcloths, buckets, and polish are some of the key starting essentials for this business.

As your child masters the fundamentals of this business, they can recruit interested friends and expand their client base. They can even advertise their services on social media to reach a wider audience.

Basic Website Creation

This is one of the most popular modern business ideas for kids in the modern era. As the great resignation continues, a lot of professionals are starting their businesses, and they need an online presence for their business. With simple, easy-to-understand resources like WordPress and Wix, your child can learn how to create responsive and attractive websites for businesses of all types.

Expertly designed themes and backgrounds help to create custom websites for all kinds of businesses from personal financial advisors to interior decorators. These website builders offer optional features such as payment tools and inventory tracking systems to accommodate businesses of all types.

Website creation helps your child to develop their creative skills and customer service skills and introduces them to a career in the ever-growing modern technology industry.

Video Game Live Streaming

Live Streaming video games probably did not sound like a profitable business idea two decades ago. However, we are in a modern, fast-paced era, and you might just be surprised how much money people make from relatively unconventional business ideas these days. Video game live streaming on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube helps newbie gamers understand how to navigate complex challenges in popular video games such as Fortnite.

Live Streaming gameplay can be extremely lucrative if a young gamer has mastered a wildly popular game. Attention is a very valuable currency in the modern era, and kids can easily attract brand sponsors as they begin to amass a steady number of viewers during streaming sessions. Pro-gamers may even be able to partner with affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon and Clickbank to advertise video games and associated tools such as gamepads and headsets to the target audience.

Selling Pastries

This is a business idea as old as time, and it is still as lucrative and in-demand as ever. Tasty pastries such as doughnuts, brownies, and cakes are typically sold in pastry shops, but they’re now widely available online. You can assist your child with setting up social media channels to advertise their services as a baker.

Of course, your child also has to master how to bake like a professional first, so this may be a steep learning curve. You should be ready to provide as much support as needed.

As soon as they begin making tasty pastries, they may also learn to decorate these foods to further boost demand. To ensure that this business does not affect your child’s education, be sure to specify when your online bakery operates, how many days the typical custom order would take, and the standard menu available for weekends.

Creating YouTube Videos

YouTube video creation is undoubtedly one of the most wildly lucrative business ideas available to young kids today. However, do not underestimate the amount of work it would take to begin to make any income from this source. YouTube has standard rules for creators and no revenue can be made until the minimum criteria of a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours are met.

To make this business model work, you must collaborate with your child to help them create high-quality videos that disseminate valuable information. Toy reviews, video game reviews, history discussions, study hacks, and city tours are some content ideas that kids can delve into to amass an audience. Talented creators may also collaborate with outer young YouTubers to create even more valuable content and amass a bigger following.


Coffee making is a delicate but rewarding art, and it’s a great side-income generator for kids with culinary interests. A coffee shop business for a child is better to run physically, and the garage is a great place to start. You can work with your child to create a sign indicating that coffee is available, and they can simply sell hot cups of coffee to customers from the garage.

As the business expands, you can assist your child with getting a few tables, chairs, and umbrellas to allow customers to enjoy hot coffee in the driveway or any other available space. Being a barista will improve your child’s money management and customer service skills while helping them to gain a mastery of a billion-dollar coffee retail industry.

Art Sales

If your child is a talented artist, then there has never been a better time to put those skills to good use. Attractive home décor, pottery, and paintings can be sold out of your home garage to interested patrons. You can also assist your child with setting up an Etsy account where they can advertise their art to an even wider audience. They can simply take pictures of their art, post them online, and advertise their services to their target audience.

If your child is a great portrait artist, they can rack in hundreds of dollars working part-time to draw life-like portraits of customers and their loved ones. Pencil-drawn portraits, oil paintings, and sculptures are becoming more in demand by art connoisseurs, and your talented child can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Puppet Shows

Puppet shows are another staple of modern popular culture which provides an opportunity for outgoing, talented kids to make a few extra bucks on the side. Puppet shows are typically held at schools, carnivals, parties, and other events that attract children. A school is a great place for your child to understand the basics of staging puppet shows.

You can help your little artist set up social media accounts to advertise their services and showcase their performances to their target audience. To make maximum use of this opportunity, your child can collaborate with a team of puppet artists to perform at parties, plays, carnivals, and other events. They may record their performances and post them on social media to build a following and then make money through affiliate marketing.

Teaching Music

Learning how to play the guitar or the piano is a common recurring item on many people’s bucket lists, from teens to adults. If your child has experience playing a popular musical instrument, they can venture into the music tutelage business. This business is quite easy to start and requires minimal startup costs.

To begin, you can record your child playing a few popular tunes on their preferred musical instruments and guide them to upload these performances on social media. They can record a few performances every week to drive up followership and then begin advertising their music tutelage services to interested clients. School is also a great place to meet potential clients and even hold music lessons. As your child’s clients grow, they can expand into teaching music classes online and giving personal consultations for even more earnings.

Helping with Horses

Childhood tales have made a lot of children enamored with horses. While these stately beasts are not as common as they used to be, certain individuals and businesses still keep them. Being a barn assistant can be an adventurous weekend or summer job where children help to tend horses, clean their stables, and learn about the delicate art of keeping horses. Polo and horse racing clubs are common places to apply to be a horse caretaker.

Working with horses may also be a great opportunity for children with interests in animal biology and veterinary medicine to have first-hand experiences with these animals.

Running a Niche Website

Instead of just building websites for clients, children can also start up their niche websites! A personal website can be a great place for children to share their interests, teach their audience about a particular topic, or tell gripping stories. The possibilities are endless with niche websites, and several types of content may be uploaded, from recorded audio to long-form posts and even videos.

Niche websites help to deepen your child’s understanding of a particular topic while helping them to connect with like-minded peers from all over the world. It may take a while to book a steady audience, but once the required threshold is reached, kids can partner with brands in their field of interest and earn money for these partnerships.

Authoring Storybooks

Creative storytelling is one of the pillars of modern global culture, and there is always room for talented young authors to tell their stories. Stories can be written about fantasy worlds or events in everyday life like going to school, traveling on vacations, and falling in love as an adolescent.

The possibilities are endless, and there are numerous themes to be explored. With the advent of Amazon Kindle Publishing, young authors can easily publish their masterpieces for sale and watch their incomes grow as they work on subsequent projects. Authoring storybooks helps to sharpen kids’ writing skills and also helps them to integrate readers’ feedback into their future projects.

Can and Bottle Recycling

This might not be a popular favorite, but with increasingly polluted cities, we need more young eco-volunteers now more than ever. Environmental sustainability clubs in schools are reiterating the importance of reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

If your child is passionate about reducing pollution, they can collaborate with like-minded kids to collect bottles and cans and then sort them for recycling, In the process, they learn teamwork skills and also earn some money for their efforts. Most importantly, however, they get to be a part of a global effort to secure the future of our planet!

T-shirt Design

Print-on-demand services have taken T-shirt design and sales services to a whole new level. Talented kids with interests in fashion and design can use tools like Canva to create t-shirt illustrations and share their ideas online. As your kid markets their services to their target audience, they can begin to receive orders to create custom T-shirts or Hoodies.

They can easily create these designs on their computers, share their results with their customers, and then have these t-shirts printed and sent to their customers. T-shirt design is a great avenue to develop art and graphic skills and grasp the principles of online marketing and collaborate with other value providers along the value chain. Service fees earned can also increase exponentially as your kid learns to use more advanced tools to create even more stunning designs.

Bike Ads

Advertising on a bicycle has to be one of the most fun ways for kids to make money. Kids love bicycles, and they love to take rides as much as possible – when going to the grocery store, visiting friends, or going to school. These constant trips expose kids to a reasonably large number of fellow commuters every day and a kid on a bike tends to attract the average person’s attention, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

Entrepreneurial kids can take advantage of this to stick flyers or stickers from businesses such as food and drink manufacturers or small fashion brands into their bikes to create awareness for these brands. Kids can charge a small monthly fee for these services and even work with multiple brands in certain circumstances.

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Selling Jewelry

Homemade decorations may have become the new wave in popular culture; however, people are also starting to pay more attention to local jewelry makers using all sorts of materials from beads and wireworks to leather and metals. Bracelets, pendants, and earrings from local indie manufacturers are starting to sweep the fashion world by storm, and there has never been a better time for your little jeweler to make a grand entrance.

Websites like eBay give fantastic opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs of all ages to showcase their products, and you can help your child promote their products to their target audiences on these websites. The income may be underholing at first, but as your child gets better at their craft, they can quickly turn their small jewel business into a lucrative side-hustle.

Sports Coaching

The best players may not always be the best teachers. This is true in academics as it is true in sports. However, if your child has a strong passion for a particular sports basketball, football, soccer, hockey, or tennis, then they can make a great side income by teaching other children how to play the sport. The coaching business model may, however, be better suited to individualist sports such as swimming, athletics, or tennis.

As your child demonstrates their prowess with their first client, they can quickly build a client’s list or even teach group sessions, to further enhance their credibility, you can help your kid start a blog, YouTube channel, or niche to ensure where they share content about how to excel in their chosen sport and global occurrences in that sport.

Selling Souvenirs and Refreshments at Event Venues

This business model is exciting for a variety of reasons – it has the potential to generate high-profit margins, and you and your child get the chance to spend quality time attending concerts and sporting events. It’s the perfect mix. The startup costs are quite manageable; you can choose to sell a variety of items – specially designed t-shirts at a pop star’s concert, jerseys and branded accessories at a sporting event, or soda and candy bars at any large gathering.

People are likely to play more because of the frenzy caused by the large crowd and the excitement of a thrilling performance. You also get access to a large crowd of dedicated fans who would be more than willing to shell out a few bucks extra to show support for their favorite team or pop star.


A small outdoor space, a few online gardening tutorials, and the spirit of adventure are all you and your youngster need to explore gardening as a business venture. Restaurants and grocery stores can easily buy your product, and gardening can be a great opportunity to bond with your young one.

Gardening helps children understand the basics of agriculture and sales, and it also helps you to access fresh, high-quality vegetables to cook some of your favorite dishes. I call that a win-win.

Used Books Sales

As your child moves from one class to another, they are likely to rack up a large collection of books. While some of these books may need to be kept for future purposes, your child may simply have outgrown others.

Platforms such as BookScouter give children the opportunity to scan books’ barcodes to know where these books can be sold, and how much these books can be sold for. Selling used books can help you to declutter the home, collaborate on running a small business venture with your kid, and make a tidy income for that new bicycle while at it.

Selling Ice cream and Popsicles

Homemade ice cream recipes can be a lot of fun to try out, and with a small umbrella, a cooler, some ice, and a stack of plastic cups, you can easily sell your homemade ice cream too! Ice cream is always going to be in demand, and with relatively low start costs and the sweltering summer heat, this can be a great summer holiday business idea. You can also sell popsicles on the side to earn a few extra bucks.

Ice cream sales help your kid to develop their ice cream-making skills, which is fabulous, However, this business also helps children to learn face-to-face marketing, pricing products, and handling customer conflicts.

Curb Painting

There are quite a lot of opportunities for the young visual artist to make a few bucks in the typical neighborhood. A lot of homes have faded curb and mailbox signs. This can lead to issues with mail delivery and just generally affects environmental aesthetics. With a bit of paint, a brush, and some stencils, your child can help neighbors revamp their curbs and mailboxes.

A neat paint job can help to beautify clients’ homes and enhance mail receipts in one neat swoop. Curb and mailbox painting help to build customer relations abilities and is a nice side-income spinner. The business can quickly be scaled around the neighborhood and requires a relatively small time investment.

Reselling Old Clothes

Kids grow remarkably fast, and you might often find yourself solemnly asking “Where did all that time go?” as you flip through old pictures. Your kids’ rapid growth means they will outgrow their old clothes within a few years. However, instead of throwing away perfectly good clothing that your kids have outgrown, you can help them make a few nice bucks off these disposals.

Get your youngster to assemble all the old clothing that is still in good condition and help them find a great background to take pictures of these clothes. Be sure to pay attention to lighting.

After taking pictures, you go to eBay or social media channels to sell these clothes. Poshmark is a great resource to sell these clothes. To help grow the brand, you can encourage your kids to even give tips on how to style these clothes!

Pet Grooming

If your child is great with pets and has experience grooming and taking care of them, then pet grooming may be a great small business to start. The fast-paced modern business world leaves people with little time to care for their pets, and lice and ticks can quickly begin to thrive on poorly groomed pets. To help prevent this, kids can offer to help wash neighbors’ pets and groom them appropriately.

Pet grooming can be offered as a complimentary service to pet sitting to increase the income earned per gourd spent taking care of the pets. Kids can invest some of their earnings into buying pet snacks and grooming equipment to attract more customers. Pet grooming services can be advertised to neighbors and then on social media platforms to maximize reach.

Face painting and Balloon decoration

Most parents love to make their kids’ birthdays memorable events, and this usually means food, games, and colorful decorations. Art-inclined kids can help to make these parties even more fun by painting the faces of the celebrants and their friends for a fee. You can also encourage your kid to learn how to paint on balloons to provide custom décor for these parties.

Birthday decoration services allow kids to meet a lot of their peers, helping to improve social skills tremendously. Kids also rapidly pick up time and event management skills along the way.

Costume Making

Whether it’s Halloween or a special school party, kids love playing dress-up. However, most parents are too busy or simply do not know how to make the inspirational costumes that their kids desire. Their problem is an opportunity for your art and fashion-inclined child. Starting from your kid’s school, you can assist them to set up a costume-making business. Your little stylist can help their peers to craft the perfect costume for their big day, whether they are trying to look like a movie character or Albert Einstein.

Costume-making can allow your child to make impressive sums of the morning while flexing their fashion design and art skills. This business venture may, however, be time and capital-intensive, and your child may require a degree of training to start.

Cleaning temporary homes

Wood cabins and recreational vehicles are great places for the family to hang them during the holidays. However, these holiday homes tend to get dusty when unused for a long time. If you live in proximity to a few wood cabins or recreational vehicles, you can encourage your older kids to offer to help clean these spaces regularly. Most holiday homeowners would be delighted to have someone maintain their holiday spots for a small fee.

Kids must be guided to be careful when cleaning other people’s homes and not to take anything. As soon as trust is built, holiday home maintenance can quickly become a long-term arrangement that allows kids to earn a decent income a few times a year.

Laundry Services

Just like mowing lawns and shoveling snow, offering laundry services allows kids to learn responsibility and customer interaction. Most neighbors would be grateful to have a reliable helper to move their clothes to the dry cleaners during the weekends and to pick up those clothes once they’re done. In the case that the neighbor does not have a dedicated dry cleaner, your kid can collect their clothes and have them washed at a laundromat, and then return the clean laundry to the neighbors.

Laundry is a regular, compulsory chore, and children can make very decent weekly wages by sacrificing a few hours to help busy neighbors handle their weekly laundry.

Making natural body washes and soaps

With the rise of organic skin care have come a ton of online resources on how to make natural body washes and body care products. If your child is interested in skin care, then this might be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the industry while making a few great bucks. The market for organic skincare is quite large, and with the aid of social media and fun, attractive packaging, homemade body washes, and scrubs can sell out quickly.

The process of making the skincare products must, however, be carefully monitored to ensure that no harmful ingredients are used. Making money through an Instagram skincare page may be fun, but a lawsuit is not.

Home Organizing

Cluttered and messy homes and workspaces hamper productivity and waste valuable time. However, because we live in such a fast-paced world, so many people just cannot find the time to reorganize their homes and offices to get rid of unnecessary clutter. This is where your child comes in. Kids with great organizational skills can put their abilities to good use by offering to help neighbors clear out garages, closets, and entire apartments. Unneeded items can even be sold online to increase your child’s earnings.

Home organizing services can be taken a notch higher to include spicing up the living area through the installation of paintings, small home décor, or even swapping out curtains. The possibilities are endless in this niche, and you can easily guide your child to making hundreds of dollars monthly by effectively utilizing social media to maximize their client base.

Packaging and Bagging for Small Businesses

Small businesses that make fast-moving products such as skin care products or custom-made fast food usually appreciate all the extra help they can get. Entrepreneurs tend to focus on creating superior products but may not pay enough attention to proper packaging. Your child can work with a small neighborhood business to package items into boxes and shopping bags and get these orders ready for shipping.

If your child has an eye for design, they may even be able to make more money by helping the business design shopping bags or boxes to strengthen brand awareness.

Fruit Stand

The idea of a fruit stand is simple and classic: make fruits available in the neighborhood to take advantage of local demand. Most people would be glad to pay a little extra for the convenience. If your child likes fruits and the idea of selling them, you can go shopping in bulk for fast-moving fruits like oranges, bananas, and apples for starters for instance. More fruits can be added to the investor depending on demand patterns.

The fruits can simply be stored in the refrigerator and offered for sale from your driveway on weekends. Fruit stands are a great way for kids to understand inventory management and the concept of reinvesting earnings to grow a business.

Window washing

The little things in life can sometimes make significant differences, and this is remarkably true in the case of clean windows. Packed schedules and work pressures make most people leave their windows unwashed for months. Those grimy panes can obstruct lighting and make the house look messy.

Window washing services require minimal start-up costs, and potential clients can be quite easy to identify. If your kid is looking for a side-hustle, then you can encourage them to talk to neighbors and offer to help them clean their windows for a fee. Window washing can easily be offered alongside other home maintenance services such as lawn mowing. This helps to build long-term client relationships and increase income per customer.

Digital Photo Scanning

Photographs tell stories in ways that words cannot. A lot of people have old photos that may have become faded or partly ruined by molds or moisture over the years. To preserve these photographs, these individuals may decide to digitize these photos. Digitization or photograph scanning is simple, and it’s a great earning opportunity for your child to earn a decent see-income.

If they have digital photograph correction skills, they may even be able to help colorize black and white photographs or help restore partially damaged photos. To grow their client base, your child can leverage social media marketing to publicize their services. In most cases, a digital scanner works best for these services. Clients can drop their photos off to have them scanned and uploaded on social media or a cloud storage site.

DJ Services

Being a disc jockey is a perfect side-hustle for an extroverted child interested in contemporary popular music. DJing can be immense fun, and kids can easily pick up the basics of this service online. To become an effective DJ, your child must understand music transitions and be comfortable with working with crowds and anticipating their needs.

DJ services allow children to meet a lot of people, thereby helping to polish communication skills. DJ services also pay quite well, and if your child learns to create their DJ mixes and special party sounds, then they can make even bigger incomes by playing at concerts and music festivals.

Apron Design

If your child is interested in fashion and clothing design, then creating aprons may be a great small business to start. Aprons will remain in high demand by cooks and uniquely designed pieces can be sold through social media pages or dedicated sites such as Etsy. Apron design can allow your child to express their unique personality and ideas through the pieces that they create.

Apron design, like t-shirt design, can be executed through Print-on-demand platforms that transfer the digital designs onto the actual piece of clothing and ship the order off to the customer. On the flip side, with a small electric sewing machine, creative kids can create their aprons from scratch and offer them for sale online and offline.

Makeup and Nail Artistry

Make-up and beautification processes have evolved remarkably over the past few decades, and there’s more room than ever before for experts of all ages to thrive in the industry. If your child is deeply interested in beauty products and makeup procedures, then they can learn how to professionally apply makeup for clients. They can offer makeup services for clients heading to parties, events, and celebrations.

Your little makeup artist can also delve into offering manicure and pedicure services, fixing acrylic nails, or even performing specific waxing procedures. The room for expansion is quite wide in this space and the earning potential is magnificent. Social media and blogs are great ways for your child to advertise their small business online, and they can share their personal recorded makeup sessions to demonstrate their expertise to potential clients.

Personal Shopper

Fashion is a delicate art, and the skill of putting different pieces together to create a breathtaking look can be quite rare. If your child has a good eye for detail and is passionate about fashion, then they can opt to be personal shoppers. They can receive multiple customer orders and specifically shop for trendy fashion items both online and offline on behalf of their clients.

Most personal shoppers show clients how to properly combine their clothes for maximum effect. Social media advertising, fashion blogging, and running a YouTube channel detailing fashion adventures can be a great way for your child to advertise their services in this space.


Children grow fast, and most parents try to capture the brilliant moments of childhood in all their glory. Your child can help their customers preserve valuable memories by taking photographs during school parties, birthdays, plays, and other events. Photography is a great skill to help your child fine-tune interpersonal and technical skills.

To further improve their product offering, kids can learn how to edit photos professionally using powerful software tools such as Adobe Photoshop. Photography has a high earning potential, and with time, you can guide your youngster into selling stock photos and offering their services online.


A lot of children look up to contemporary pop stars. The past few years have gifted us some talented child stars and your kid could be next. If your child is intensely passionate about music and has the voice and creativity to perform uniquely, then music can be a great business idea. Kids can start off singing in school shows, choirs, or bands. These settings can help them fine-tune their skills and truly discover where their interests lie.

You can also encourage your child to record their performances and sing covers on YouTube, this helps to attract the public’s attention to their abilities and can serve as a great launchpad for their musical career.


Guiding your kid towards starting their own small business can be a very fulfilling experience. You get to see them try their hands at new things, develop critical skills, and earn their first couple of dollars. However, you must note that this can be a very time-consuming adventure for you and your child, and not all business ventures will work out.

However, perseverance and a dedication to offering high-quality products and services will help your child stand out in whatever endeavor they choose. Godspeed!


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