Creaite 2.0 Review: Is it Actually Human-like?

What is Creaite 2.0?

creaite 2.0 review

Creaite 2.0 is a web-based artificial intelligence application that helps generate high-quality and unique website content in a very short time.

It’s an established fact that high-quality content is an essential need for a successful online business, therefore its right for businesses to find a means of getting it right both in terms of quality and pricing. However, getting topnotch web content from freelancers can be very pricey and a lot of internet marketers have resolved to hiring in-house writers. In this creaite 2.0 review, you will find out if this is suitable for your business and worth the money or not.


How does Creaite 2.0 work?

Creaite 2.0 is web-based application that can easily be accessed with any web browser of your choice. The specs or configurations of your computer is never an issue because the program is 100% web-based and will deliver your content in just 90 seconds as long as you have an active internet network.
Creating a human-like article with creaite 2.0 is very fast and easy and this can be done with just a few clicks;
 Visit the creaite 2.0 web page
 Input your login credentials and click login
 Select a niche you want your content in, language, and folder you would like to save in
 Input keyword/ or topics of your article
 Hit the start button
 Done! Your article is ready in 90 seconds or less. Faster than the fastest writer on the planet.

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What are the Creaite 2.0 Features?

This content writer is packed with a number of awesome features, however, some of the features are available only after upgrading.
 Article writing
 Article rewriting
 Multi-lingual article writer
 Creaite connect plugin which allows you to post articles directly to your websites
 Fast: high-quality content in less than 2 minutes
 Cheaper than hiring a freelance or in-house writer
 Proper organization of articles according to client/project
 In-built sharing feature
 Advanced Q & A writer

How much does Creaite 2.0 cost?

Creaite 2.0 pricing comes in lite, agency mode, and booster package with each having some different features

Creaite 2.0 15+ package: this package gives you access to 15 credits and an additional 15v bonus credits every single month and comes at a price of $37/month.
Creaite 2.0 50 + package: this package gives you 50 credits and an additional 50 bonus credits every single month and comes at a cost of $47 per month.
Creaite 2.0 lite costs only $62.95 while creaite 2.0 agency costs $66.99 one-time payment.
The pricing also includess a membership feature which is suitable for businesses with a bit high content need. These are;
Creaite 2.0 booster package gives you access to the multilingual feature and the advanced QnA writer.

What are you waiting for?

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try Creaite 2.0 now!

What are the Frequently Asked Questions about Creaite 2.0?

How do the Creaite 2.0 Credits work?
Writing a standard article costs 1 credit while rewriting an article costs 1 credit for 400 words
Is Creaite 2.0 same as a content Scrapper?
No, the creaite 2.0 is an artificial intelligent app that has been trained to generate quality and readable articles, so its quite different from a content scrapper
Does Creaite 2.0 use GPT-3/OpenAI?
No, the app, doesn’t use any of the above mentioned software because they come with a lot of restrictions, very expensive and difficult to integrate.
Does the content generated really pass copyscape?
Yes, the contents generated by creaite 2.0 are unique and will pass copy scape 100% of time.


What are the bonuses you get with the creaite 2.0

Bonus 1: Free Access to all new 2.0 features
Bonus 2: Free Access to Agency License
Bonus 3: Access to Creaite container feature
Bonus 4: Access to Sub-Access feature

Bonus 5: Full Access to Content Rewriter

What are the Pros and Cons of Creaite 2.0?


  • Creaite 2.0 is very easy to use with the newbie-friendly user interface
  • It is very fast and reliable
  • It’s very cheap compared to other sources
  • It generates quality web content
  • It has no niche restriction
  • It has a multilingual feature


  • Lack of SEO keyword optimization feature
  • AIs are developed and trained by humans, thus it can make mistakes
  • Maintaining a consistent tone or  style of writing for your content might be difficult

I believe this creaite 2.0 review has enlightened you about what you stand to gain and achieve with this amazing A.I writer.

What are you waiting for?

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try Creaite 2.0 now!
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