Google Maps Marketing: All You Need to Know

It’s a popular fact that customers are always in search of businesses. Whether your business is online or physical, there’s a high chance that someone close to you needs a good or a service that you have, and that is where google maps marketing comes in.

Many people look out for businesses closest to them by including phrases such as “near me”, and “where to buy” in their search query, and this has increased by over 200% in the last 2 years according to google search insight. Think about it – if you’re hungry and would like to grab dinner on your way home, you’d wish to find a nearby restaurant to order food.

Now, imagine you’re new to your surroundings – perhaps you just moved in. You’re still getting acquainted with the place, so you don’t know many places. Where do you turn to find the closest restaurant to you? Google!

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With a single tap, you can open your Google Maps page and type in “restaurants near me.” Just like that, you have access to a list of the best and most popular food spots close to you, where you will be able to get that sweet dinner you‘re craving.

Google’s control over internet search is absolute. The platform holds an estimated 92.49% of all online search traffic according to Oberlo June 2022 report. Google has also recorded over 85 billion visits in the month of May 2022 according to research carried out by Similar Web. It goes without saying that businesses looking to succeed will have to optimize for most of the google suite apps as they hope to reach more people.

Understanding Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps is one of the most important products in the Google suite. It is the tool that is most widely used for finding directions, and companies would need to ensure that they are as visible as possible on Google Maps to increase their chances of making sales.

All in all, Google Maps marketing is a tool that helps businesses to improve their visibility and position themselves to rank highly online. This marketing form is applicable to all businesses, regardless of their scale and industry. As long as you’re looking to rank highly on Google’s search results, Google Maps marketing is what you need.

To incorporate Google Maps marketing as a part of your overall outreach strategy, you will need little knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other technical skills.

What Makes Google Maps Marketing So Important?

Like we said earlier, Google has become the de facto starting point for most people on the internet. People use it to find pretty much anything – where to eat, the hottest cinema in town, anything!

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There has also been a jump in the prominence of mobile marketing. Essentially, more people are surfing the web on their phones – not tablets, not computers, and definitely not TVs. over half of the web pages are direct to mobile phones. With everyone constantly on the move, their searches and queries reflect their current condition too.

As a business owner, you would need to have a solid online presence if you hope to grow. You want to share as much information about you as possible, so prospective customers know what you’re about and can easily reach you.

Google My Business: The Key To Your Google Maps Marketing

As you begin the process of incorporating Google Maps into your marketing efforts, the first step will be to create an account with Google My Business. This is a tool that allows you to provide important information about your business on a panel. When people search for your business or businesses in your field, yours will pop up, and they’ll be able to view everything they need to know.

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Some of the information you can put into your panel include

  • Website (If Any)
  • Service or product description
  • Contact details
  • Opening time and duration
  • Product images

How To Use Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to change the details you put into your panel when needed. So, you get to control your public persona.

Besides setting up your page, you will also need to optimize your profile with customer reviews. Tell customers to leave reviews on your page, and you can easily offer them incentives such as discounts on their next order.

One major act that can help to boost your visibility on Google My Business is writing regular posts. These can help you to grow your local SEO and improve visibility, and you can easily incorporate things like ads and strong calls-to-action in the posts.

All of these will help to improve your company’s backlinks and website – another critical part of SEO analysis for Google. When you get links from other businesses, bloggers, and even customers that leave reviews, your SEO score improves significantly. The more quality and organic links you have, the better your SEO score.

Finally, you should also have an eye for data. Be sure to track your Google My Business account and analytics using Google’s Insight Tools. The analytics suite shows you important metrics about your page, including the number of people who have viewed your account, those who have used directions, and the channels that allow people to find you more easily.

As an added bonus, you can have local search ads that allow your business to appear in more search results over time. While it might not be organic, it’s a pretty solid way to boost your business and its visibility.

Google Maps Ads

Creating your google my business profile is entirely free and this will bring in calls, website visits, and maybe sales when optimized and done properly. However, in a very competitive niche or environment, you may need to consider running local search ads to boost your business visibility.

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Using google maps ads brings your business to the top of the listings when a relevant query is searched. This in turn increases the chances of the google maps users clicking on your google my business profile which can lead to website visits, calls, and, or sales for your business.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Account

It’s very important not just to list create your google my business account, but essential to optimize it properly for a great click-through rate and ROI. Here is a list of things to do to optimize your Google my business profile.

  • Verify your business
  • Choose only relevant categories
  • Select location and service areas
  • Add relevant images
  • Reviews


Local search ads are a form of digital marketing that has proven to be very effective for businesses across several industries around the globe, thus every business should have an optimized google my business profile to better position themselves for better returns.