What is Bluehost?

What is Bluehost?

In the world of website domain hosting today, Bluehost hosts a large number of websites. Bluehost services about two million websites. By now, if you are yet to hear about Bluehost, you are probably wondering, what is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a website domain hosting company that was founded in 2003. With the provision of Bluehost domains for website hosting, Bluehost has grown to become one of the biggest players in cheap and reliable website hosting. But is this all that Bluehost does?

Bluehost offers a wide range of services and products that can help an individual or business kickstart an e-shop or a website, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and website building tools. With high customer volumes, Bluehost has become a widely recognized brand in the web hosting industry. Their high volume of doing business enables the company to offer customers affordable Bluehost domain pricing that comes with discounts and Bluehost free domains.

Through their cheap and user-centric Bluehost pricing systems, Bluehost caters to a wide range of users, from single website owners to multiple website owners. The Bluehost renewal price for all plans comes at regular rates on auto-renewal. The Bluehost pricing plans all come with at least one Bluehost free domain for the customer’s use.

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What Else Does Bluehost Do?

In addition to their extensive range of services in website hosting, Bluehost also provides willing users with affordable marketing training, content creation, SEO services, social media marketing, local business listing, email, and graphic design services to help business websites grow their traffic.

Bluehost is more than just a shared hosting service company. The company also has advanced hosting services like the VPS, dedicated server, and managed WordPress hosting services. The Bluehost pricing system offers customers different Bluehost domain pricing structures depending on the user’s type of service.

In the managed WordPress plan, Bluehost handles the technical details of the website for the users, providing services such as updating WordPress plugins and core, optimizing performances, and handling security issues.

Now that we know the services rendered by Bluehost, we can now answer the question, “What makes Bluehost stands out?”

What Makes Bluehost Unique and Ahead of Competition?

  • Affordable Results: Bluehost pricing is affordable for all categories of website owners, this too with a guarantee for results. The customer base of Bluehost has continued to expand due to its ability to deliver affordable, reliable and efficient results to all its customers.

  • Websites Development Services: Bluehost offers two forms of service in this regard. Users can either build their website using the Bluehost DIY (Do it yourself) site builder or hire design professionals to build the site for them.

  • SEO, Advertising and Local Business Listing: With Bluehost’s professional marketing services that include advertising, social media marketing and content creation for website owners, Bluehost stands above competitors. Website owners can also seek consultation with Bluehost’s marketing professional. With all these, Bluehost measures and analyzes users’ website progress to enable them to see the impact of their investments.

  • Email, domains and tutorials: Bluehost also helps users with domain, email, and other tutorials. The tutorials include clear video explanations of the how-tos of website hosting, website management and marketing-related topics.

Bluehost is a total solution for website creation and management. With flexible and affordable Bluehost pricing and Bluehost domain pricing structures, website owners can get optimized and efficient website construction and management services that guarantee results for their investment. Is Bluehost worth it? I think we can all answer this now.


Growing Your Business with Bluehost Apps

Bluehost offers an easy and smooth time while you build, customize, and manage your website as a newbie or expert website owner. As a website owner, you are able to do this thanks to a MOJO marketplace accessible from the users’ Bluehost Control Panel. The MOJO marketplace contains thousands of apps and add-ons that include themes for changing your website design and other website-building tools. The MOJO marketplace is also available to website owners who are not hosted by Bluehost through the MOJO website.

The plugins and apps on offer can help extend the functionality of your website(s). Some of the available options include:

  • Add Calendar
  • Add Image Galleries
  • Display for Pricing Table
  • App for creating and selling online courses
  • Integrating your website with a CRM
  • Customers pay by SMS
  • Plugin for Hotel Booking
  • Event registration and ticketing
  • Creating Customer Forums

Through the Mojo marketplace, website owners can also purchase professional services like graphic designs, blog set up, google analytics or map integrations, PayPal integration, and more.



Bluehost is more than just a website hosting platform as it offers its users more in terms of support, services, and tutorial. Although Bluehost is a website domain hosting platform at the core of its business, the company has since evolved to become a total solution provider in website construction, design, and management. Is Bluehost worth it? As already discussed, I bet every user can form an opinion from the review of what Bluehost does.