What Is Clickfunnels, and How Does It Work?

What is Clickfunnels?

For any budding or established business owners that use an online platform to sell their products, getting more visitors and customers to improve and increase sales might be challenging in most cases. Clickfunnels aims to make this less challenging. It is a tool aims to help you grow and improve your online stores. 

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This article aims to provide you with answers to any questions you might have on how Clickfunnels works, features that make Clickfunnels a standout from other tools, and Clickfunnels practical use. We will also discuss Clickfunnels review and Clickfunnels Templates with a touch on Clickfunnels Pricing. This article would show store owners who want to sell, promote, get their products or services to buyers and bring more buyers to their online business how it can all be achieved with Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels provides opportunities to build routine websites or online pages. It also has features for developing landing pages for your inbound leads, opt-in pages, membership websites, and a whole lot more. Clickfunnels deploys easy steps that makes building these funnels super easy with an array of customizable designs and readily available with the tool.

Clickfunnels can be described as a comprehensive, curated marketing tool that includes

  • A page builder
  • A host for your website
  • Content Management System
  • Shopping Cart
  • An Autoresponder to Emails
  • Analytics of your page web activities
  • And any other marketing tools you might think of with the sole aim of generating leads and increasing revenue simultaneously. 


How does Clickfunnels work?

There is no better way to kick things off than a brief explanation of how Clickfunnels work. Clickfunnels is an online marketing tool  which is used for building high converting sales funnels or websites. It serves as a multi-purpose tool for internet marketers who do not want to be perplexed using multiple tools or services to grow their online business. Clickfunnels serves various needs of an internet marketer or business and this includes website building, leads generation, generating sales, growing e-mail list for email marketing, and ultimately creating, and growing your ideal brand. Above all the features mentioned earlier, the main service or feature that put shot clickfunnels to the global brand is creating extremely converting marketing funnels. 

Clickfunnels is also well equipped to collect payments for products and services from buyers on your behalf with its integration with major payment platforms. It keeps proper tabs on how your pages are displayed in each funnel. So you do not have to worry about any other tools or service, with clickfunnels, you can start your business from scratch and thrive to be a successful global business all on this single platform.

The biggest advantage of Clickfunnels is the elimination of huge technicalities, which makes you all set for making great sales with just a couple of clicks. All tools are integrated into each other, eradicating the delays in generating sales faster which would have been erstwhile present if you had to move from one tool to another continually.

Clickfunnels does not only help you build your website, opt-in page or sales funnels, it also provides you with advanced analytic tools for you to track and know your key performance index so as to know what is making or breaking your sales and how to optimize for them properly.


Key Features of Clickfunnels

The following things are easily identifiable with Clickfunnels

  • Pre-designed sales funnels and templates: These features handle a big aspect of your business. They allow you to choose from pre-designed templates and funnel based on what is required for each action you contemplate executing. The various classifications are there for you to choose from; examples of these funnels and templates are Lead Magnet funnel, Squeeze page funnel, product release funnel and more.


  • Split Testing: this allows you to test two or more of funnels or landing pages using a particular factor to see which converts better and optimize for it. Split testing is an essential part of a marketing campaign.


  • Share funnel: This feature is a way for you to bring in new customers and leads by sharing links to your products’ landing pages. It is also a great way to manage your affiliate programs.


  • Conversion Tracking: For an online business, conversion tracking is like a lifeline of all marketing campaign. This allows you to see where, why, and how you are making or breaking the sales, the difficulties your potential customers are facing, and how to help them scale through that till they buy from you.


  • Drag and drop editor: Clickfunnels gives you the opportunity to create a landing page just the way you want it to be. Its less technical, easy-to-use drag and drop features give you a chance to build and design your landing page faster, even from scratch.


  • Payment gateways: Clickfunnels would help you collect payments for sales made in an easy fashion that allows customers to stay onsite when payments are processed.


  • Email automation: With this feature, you can focus on other things knowing your customers are getting the correspondence they need before you eventually provide them with the needed answers or feedback.


  • Multiple Domains: Clickfunnels is an excellent tool for bringing various domains together. It also allows for the connection of various subdomains on your website without adding extra tools or paying more for them.


  • Membership Site: you can deploy a full membership site with clickfunnels and collect payment either monthly, annually or as you wish from members of your site, all done on clickfunnels


  • Shopping Cart: this is a great clickfunnels feature for e-commerce brands. Iit allows your customers to shop on your website, add-to-cart, and as well checkout on click funnels without redirecting to a third party which may elongate the sales process.


What is Clickfunnels used for?

Summarily, the question of what is Clickfunnels used for can be answered this way; it is an application for generating leads and sales funnels that will increase traffic towards your online stores while ensuring the conversion rate doesn’t dip for anything.

Clickfunnels can be used in almost all internet marketing niches and for all brands, this include affiliate marketing, e-commerce, coaching or consulting, affiliate marketing, freelance agency, network marketing, and lots more.


Clickfunnels Templates

Clickfunnels Templates aim to give users the ability to design their pages using a set of pre-made funnels that can be adjusted and designed to fit all scenarios. Clickfunnels Templates ensure you can get your page running to your taste as soon as you want. This makes it very easy and fast to launch your website compared to using the conventional way of wordpress where you have to start looking for wordpress themes that suit your online presence and need a lot of customization to get optimized.


Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels Pricing is done across three different tiers. All three Clickfunnels Pricing are worth what they offer, and each performs quite impressively in relation to the price tag they come with. 

The three Clickfunnels Pricing are

  • The Starter plan: This Clickfunnels Pricing comes at $97/month, providing modest if not little access to options and features to use. But for those on a budget going into online stores, this might be a great plan if used to the maximal potential.


  • The Platinum Clickfunnels Pricing: This comes at a slightly higher $297/ month pricing. This Clickfunnels Pricing provides you unlimited access to the number of funnels and landing pages. You also enjoy unlimited follow-up funnels with priority live chat support. This Clickfunnels Pricing brings quite a bagful of features that ensure it is really worth the value.


  • The TWOCOMMACLUB Clickfunnels Pricing: This is the most expensive Clickfunnels Pricing. Outwardly, it looks excessive and asks too much, but Clickfunnels founder Russel Brunson claims confidently that students could drop out of school to earn comfortably with it. But at this price point, this Clickfunnels Pricing might be the real deal as it offers up to 10 users and unlocks all features on Clickfunnels with huge priorities to subscribers.


Clickfunnels Reviews

You have come across many Clickfunnels reviews online in your search about gaining more insights about Clickfunnels. Reviewing Clickfunnels based on its usage, Clickfunnels Pricing, Clickfunnels landing page, Clickfunnels Templates, and how Clickfunnels alternatives fare against Clickfunnels, we can say Clickfunnels is a great tool every online store owner should at least try out to see how well it could enhance their online businesses.

Further Clickfunnels reviews showed that it is very easy to use for everyone as no coding experience is required to get it up and to run. The fact that clickfunnels was created by a marketing ninja who understands the hurdles and challenges of marketing and how to overcome them makes it a very important tool for every business.

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